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Townhall Media

If you've read Townhall for any length of time, you've seen the reporting our own Julio Rosas does at the U.S-Mexico border from Yuma, Arizona to Del Rio, Texas and at points all along our clearly open border that the Biden administration refuses to address. You've probably also noticed that the mainstream media is none too keen to report the stories that Julio breaks about how dire the situation is along the southern border. 


Well now, CNN — after turning a mostly blind eye to the reality at the U.S.-Mexico border and the impact of Biden's policies — is very concerned about the border crisis. So concerned in fact that they're running a story on their site with "live updates" and five writers assigned to curating coverage of the crisis. The only problem: it's the "Ukraine–Russia border crisis" they're flagging as important. 

Keep in mind that while the Russian military is armed to the teeth on Ukraine's front stoop, they haven't yet crossed the border to invade... and we still don't know when or if they will, despite the "ironic" declarations from Ukraine. Meanwhile back at home, illegal immigrants have been crossing from Mexico into the United States in droves, bringing illicit materials with them, and facing little to no consequences from the federal government. 

As Julio has reported, record-setting numbers of illegal immigrant apprehensions, so-called "got-aways," and loads of illegal drugs and weapons plus human trafficking have made America's southern border an exceedingly dangerous place. President Biden's decision to halt construction of a border wall paired with his lax open-border policies and scheme to fly illegal immigrants to other cities around the country have turned every state into a border state. 


So where's the live update story from CNN curating stories on the previously deported criminals who keep illegally entering the United States and continue their criminal ways, the source of the fentanyl that's killing Americans by the thousands, or the danger that's come to American communities as they get overrun by cartel-driven illegal immigration and smuggling operations? We now know they are aware of the phrase "border crisis" and apparently allocate staff and resources to cover such items. But when it comes to America's southern border: crickets from CNN. 

There's no concern from mainstream media outlets such as CNN because the war playing out on America's southern border isn't one the Biden administration wants to fight — or win. 

Changes in deportation and immigration enforcement policies decreed by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and others in the Biden administration mean that border agents aren't even watching the border in some cases. They're too busy processing illegal immigrants who overwhelm border stations and transporting them elsewhere within the United States. Even the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services changed their mission statement to remove mentions of "lawful immigration," "protecting Americans," or "securing the homeland."


So while CNN races to deliver coverage of what it's calling a "border crisis" between Ukraine and Russia, remember they're pointing the attention of Americans — the few who still go to CNN for news, that is — away from the border crisis that's affecting us at home and trying to use events 6,000 miles from the U.S.–Mexico border as a shiny object to distract people from thinking about Biden's border crisis at home.

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