PHOTOS: Pieces of Unused Border Wall Are Rotting in a Lot

Posted: Apr 16, 2021 12:50 PM

COOLIDGE, Ariz. - During a recent trip to Arizona for a ride along with the Pinal County Sheriff's Department, we drove by Stinger Bridge & Iron and noticed piles of barriers meant for construction of the southern border wall sitting in a lot. 

Stinger has been contracted by Fisher Industries in the past for the project. 

Neither company returned calls for comment or context about the unused pieces, but in 2019 Fisher Industries participated in bidding for border wall construction. 

The company says its construction plan, which also includes paved roads and security technology, would cost $4.31 billion, well below the $8 billion the president has sought for the project.

“I think that President Trump would be very impressed with what we have to offer,” Fisher said.

“With our patented form system, we’re significantly under time, significantly under budget, and — of course — all American made.”

Border Patrol agents drove on the road Fisher crews built next to the wall in the same afternoon.

Meanwhile, Arizona isn't the only place where manufactured wall is going unused.