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PolitiFact Is Again Doing Damage Control for a Biden Blunder

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

In the middle of Biden's horrible week marking one year of his presidency, the loyal lapdogs at PolitiFact have again waded into Biden's verbal diarrhea in an apparent attempt to impress the White House while it's frantically trying to tamp down criticism for something the president said. This time, his speech in Georgia pushing his since-failed attempt at a federal takeover of elections. 


As Townhall covered, the speech was a disaster. He repeated lies about Georgia's election security law being "Jim Crow 2.0" and earned "Four Pinocchios" from The Washington Post's fact checkers. Peggy Noonan called Biden's speech a "break point" in his administration. It was panned for its divisive, angry, and hyperbolic claims that anyone who doesn't go along with his administration's radical policies is "on the side" of racists such as George Wallace, Bull Connor, and Jefferson Davis.

The blowback on Biden for his speech in Georgia was and is well-deserved. For the man who campaigned on promises of unity for Americans and measured leadership, a speech comparing roughly half the country to the literal president of the Confederacy is just nuts. Joe Biden tried to do cleanup for his own mess in the press conference he stumbled through earlier this yelling at reporters and showing an even greater lack of messaging control. Psaki tried to explain what the president *meant* to say, but of course that wasn't what the Biden said. 


So denying reality and widely circulated video of the speech, Politifact decided to jump into the fray with some more utter nonsense to explain what Biden said "in context." First of all, the president's reading of a prewritten speech that crawled in front of his eyes on a teleprompter shouldn't need "context." If it does, it means Biden screwed up, either in his delivery or because he hired someone who can't write a speech with enough context for people to understand. In this case, it was perfectly easy to get the point: If you disagree with Biden, you're on the side of racists.

Yet here's PolitiFact's conclusion about what he said:

While Biden didn’t explicitly accuse those who don’t support the voting bill of being racists, he did say that their vote would be remembered unfavorably in history, much like the actions of those past figures who didn’t support civil rights or an end to slavery.

Several Twitter users noted in response to PolitiFact's tweet and attempt to clean up some of Biden's mess that putting a politician "in context" and just liberal doublespeak for Democrat damage control. 

As a near-constant gaffe machine, President Biden is frequently in need of help cleaning up what he said. It's not always misstatements or incomplete phrases that he someone manages to weave together into controversial lines, like the speech in which he talked about "the great negro at the time" or tripped up and suggested Russia might be okay to carry out a "slight incursion" into Ukraine.  


PolitiFact has proven itself time and again to be anything but independent in its selection of what and whom to fact check and its rulings on those reviews. PolitiFact has even been shown to be in cahoots with the Biden White House and taking cues from Biden's goons to go after Townhall. 

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