Introducing Townhall Hate Mail

Posted: Nov 12, 2021 11:16 AM

Here at Townhall, we get some interesting... feedback from our haters. Something about fearless conservative journalism really gets their gourd. But, as the happy conservative warriors that we are, Townhall enjoys laughing at the grammatically challenged hate mail that often hits our Twitter DMs, Facebook messages, and contact forms. 

Instead of keeping the laughs to ourselves, the team here at Townhall decided to pick out their favorites from the last few weeks and then have yours truly and Matt Vespa read them — for the first time — on camera. 

From claims that our team is a bunch of "Russian assets" and that I've lost my mind, to pleas to get Vespa some mental help, the haters' reaction to Townhall's coverage is... creative. Watch it all in the first installment  of Townhall Hate Mail in the player above, or keep reading for five of our favorite insults.

1. "Have you seen violent Vespa's raging comments today? He's smashing things with sledgehammers while you are napping... wouldn't it be better to get the poor suffering man some help now?"

2. "Spencer Brown lost his mind calling 30 Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill traitors. This is language I would expect from AOC or BLM."

3. "Townhall your[sic] dumb as a box of rocks."

4. "You all are f***ing horrible reporters. Stupid f***s wouldn't know data if it smacked you in the face. Clownhall."

5. "My four year old needs a job. I heard you were hiring writers."

As Vespa points out, the haters do nothing but motivate us to continue writing the real stories that matter to real Americans. If we can't have fun while we're fearlessly covering the news of the day, then what are we doing?!

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