Jet-Setting John Kerry is Unimpressed with the World's Lack of Climate Alarmism

Posted: Apr 21, 2021 4:10 PM
Jet-Setting John Kerry is Unimpressed with the World's Lack of Climate Alarmism

Source: AP Photo/Charles Krupa

In a streamed interview with the Washington Post on Wednesday, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry boasted about his work—made possible by private jets and the American taxpayer—to solve the climate crisis he has long said poses an existential threat to the world. 

Interviewed by opinion writer Jonathan Capehart, Kerry called his work on behalf of the Biden Administration's climate agenda "the single biggest multilateral global negotiation that the world has ever needed." 

It's unsurprising that Kerry thinks so highly of his work, given his past threat assessments on the topic. As secretary of state, he warned in 2014 that climate change presents as much of a threat to our planet as ISIS, calling it the "most fearsome" weapon of mass destruction. 

Despite his lifetime of work tilting at windmills over climate change, Kerry has—perhaps unsurprisingly, given his hyperbole—been unable to inspire the nations of the world to join him in his crusade for a greener future. During Wednesday's interview, Kerry lamented that "we're not behaving internationally like it is in fact an existential challenge." 

Even with Kerry's indictment of what he sees as a lack of appropriate doomsday behavior, he said that addressing the crisis "is doable." 

Kerry apparently thinks we should cripple our country with ineffective regulations, unaccountably-distributed taxpayer subsidies, and skyrocketing energy costs that burden small businesses and underprivileged communities, all while he, of course, continues living life in the lap of luxury. 

So what if we Americans suspend all disbelief, go along with his and the Biden Administration's energy plan, and entirely cease polluting the planet? Don't hold your breath (or maybe do hold your breath for the good of the planet) because, as Kerry explained, "The United States could go to zero tomorrow. We'd still have a problem, the world would still have a problem. If China went to zero tomorrow with the United States, we'd still have a problem." 

According to Kerry, even if there ceased to be any American (or Chinese) emissions, we'd still not be doing enough. 

Yet, he doesn't understand how anyone can doubt his plans. Those who doubt his claims are labeled "prisoners of denial" for not yet buying into his crisis-mongering as the Chinese Communist Party did. 

"We even have deniers still in the United States," he remarked, adding "we're the one nation that has a lot of deniers... We need to get on track based on science, based on facts, based on truth." 

This clarion call to get back to science is a bit rich, given Kerry can't be bothered to follow the science when it comes to COVID protocols. Nor has he been willing to give up his jet-setting lifestyle. 

When asked about the Green New Deal and whether he believed it could or should pass, Kerry seemed to throw some shade at the proposal: "I mean, obviously, any member of congress can introduce something but President Biden has a plan." 

Kerry walked back his criticism of AOC's radical climate legislation a bit, adding he has "great respect for the other efforts" to address climate change, while pointing out its unpalatability for many, saying Democrats need to "organize ourselves around something that can get the votes."