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AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

The debate over COVID-19 vaccination status has been just as infuriating, if not more so, as any of the other bizarro-world insanity we've had to deal with over the past 15 months. 


The CDC says only vaccinated people are "allowed" to remove their masks and be "free" from other COVID restrictions. But why, when vaccines supposedly work to a high degree and are currently available, for free, to any adult who wants one?

They insist that children be forced to wear masks, supposedly because they aren't approved yet for vaccines and, well, we can't have teachers feeling frightened of catching a deadly disease from their five-year-old pupils, now can we? But what are they frightened OF exactly if they're vaccinated themselves? 

Sure, we know now from the data that masking did absolutely nothing to stop or even curb the spread of the virus. However, one can at least understand the logic of those who, believing that masking did work (it didn't) and that asymptomatic spread was a major pandemic driver (it's not), insisted on masking everyone to protect others. Vaccines, however, are another matter entirely. If there was ever a reasonable "live and let live" scenario, this would be it. Take your vaccine, and don't worry about me, right? You are either protected or you aren't. 


That's the science, of course, but it's a science the powers-that-be are reluctant to admit ... until today, when Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo responded to a reporter's question about people not wanting to go to a fair because of high non-vaccinated rates in some "pockets" of the state.

"What would you say to people that say, 'Oh, there's going to be unvaccinated people there. It's dangerous. I'm not going," asked a reporter.

Get a vaccine. If you get a vaccine, you don't have to worry about unvaccinated people, because you have the vaccine. I am vaccinated. You may not be vaccinated. But you don't pose a risk to me because I am vaccinated. So if you are vaccinated, what do you worry about? The only question is the effective rate of the vaccine, which is 80-90%, whatever it is. So if you're concerned about that, get a vaccine. 'Well, there will be unvaccinated people.' That's their problem. They have to worry about catching COVID, not you.


There you have it. Finally, some real science from Andrew Cuomo. Who would have ever thought THAT was possible? So, will the New York governor be revising the absurd rules that keep the unvaccinated masked and allow for restriction removal only when 70 percent of adults have one dose? Nah, call me cynical, but what's more likely is he'll soon be forced to retract or "clarify" that statement.

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