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Shen Bohan/Xinhua via AP

If there’s any upside at all to the insanity and tragedy of the past 15 months of governments’ inept, callous, and destructive ‘response’ to the COVID-19 pandemic, one is the coinage of hilarious new words and phrases that perfectly describe the moment in history we’ve been living under.


For example, those who accept the lockdown and forced masking line without questions or an ounce of critical thinking are ‘Branch Covidians,’ because a more apt description for an actual member of a violently destructive cult could not possibly exist. Their leader, the ‘High Priest of Wuhan’ is, of course, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Media, politicians, and muppets with medical degrees constantly (and wrongly) predicting doom and gloom are members of ‘Team Apocalypse.’ 

Governments that impose ridiculous, draconian, and useless rules on populations in order to ‘stop the spread’ of a virus that can’t be stopped are engaging in ‘Corona fascism.’ 

‘Covidiots’ do dumb, unscientific things, like wearing two masks (or even one) in a car alone or on a bicycle trail, because they think doing those things will somehow protect them from the worstest plague ever.

A ‘mask nazi’ will approach and try to shame non-mask wearers, usually getting well within 6 feet to do so.

Face masks, disgusting interventions that have been forced on people for well over a year despite the fact that they are completely useless and potentially harmful, deserve their own category of mockery and disdain. Derogatory nicknames like ‘face diapers,’ ‘face muzzles,’ ‘bacteria collectors,’ and ‘COVID diapers’ just scratch the surface of the hatred normal people should have for the ridiculous contraptions.

Most of us within eyeshot of a column like this are, of course, members of ‘Team Reality,’ because, well, we aren’t brainwashed sheeple. We believe in the ability to ‘breathe freely,’ that everyone should have the choice to accept or not accept the ‘jab,’ and that any governmental imposition of a vaccine passport system is a new form of ‘segregation.’ We also firmly reject the notion that the failure to restrict everyone’s God-given freedoms will ‘kill grandma.’ And we know, with tragic certainty, that we were never, ever, ‘all in this together.’


So yeah, there’s a ton of new pandemic-related verbiage out there, but by far my favorite term - and it’s not even close - is one simple word, because it encapsulates everything above and everything that’s wrong about forcefully imposing useless and destructive interventions on entire populations outside of law and against their will, all in the name of ‘health and safety.’


What a word! I wish I had come up with it, but sadly, I did not. Thankfully, however, someone did. Steve Deace of Blaze Radio Network’s “Steve Deace Show,” the man who seems to have coined the term or at least became the first media figure to use it regularly in both broadcast and social media, tells me he started using the word ‘Covidstan’ as a “holistic description of what we're up against.”

Indeed. Thinking back on the hellish last 15 months and the many years of struggle to follow, ‘Covidstan’ is just perfect, capturing both the corrupt ineptness of a Banana Republic and the religion-based tyranny of an Islamicist hellhole all in three amazing syllables. If a word could have a punchable face, Covidstan would. Just by its existence, it begs to be fought.

And fight we must, continually, doggedly, and without compromise. Because Covidstan isn’t a place where dissension is allowed, where ideas are batted back and forth and the best are allowed to rise to the top. It’s a religious dictatorship run by quasi-cult-leaders in white jackets whose sole purpose is their own power, wealth, and fame. 


Let alone ‘scientific,’ these aren’t even rational people. They are terrorists. And you don’t compromise with terrorists. You ‘destroy’ them, in this case figuratively, by first refusing to submit to their ridiculous edicts and demands, then relentlessly assaulting their credibility with facts and data, and finally, if possible, bringing the power of governments and the judicial system down upon their worthless, discredited heads.

Forced public masking must be resisted and destroyed EVERYWHERE it is practiced, including and especially schools and public transportation, places where the system seeks to maintain its foothold in an effort to expand it again once the next respiratory virus wave hits (and it will). Vaccine passports must be rejected and made illegal in states controlled by the GOP, and any notion that children or the previously infected, a population group at absolutely ZERO statistical risk, should be compelled to take a vaccine should be rejected out of hand for the quasi-medical quackery that it is. And ANY form of lockdowns or business closures as a way to ‘curb the spread’ of any new COVID-19 wave, however small or large, should be fought at all costs.

Covidstan, a ‘nation’ whose ‘borders’ stretch across the globe, was established and maintained based on lies - that the death rate was far larger than it turned out to be, that children and the young were at statistical risk, and that non-pharmaceutical human ‘interventions’ could make a difference in stopping a highly contagious respiratory virus. It is led by frauds and populated by sheep all-too-willing to mindlessly obey those frauds. It has zero credibility and even less moral basis for existing.


As such, Covidstan must be nuked, utterly destroyed, its green places plowed with salt so that nothing, not even a single, solitary weed, grows there again for as long as time remains.

Please consider following me on Twitter, Parler and Gab, and ‘friend’ me on MeWe (I will accept all contact requests). Also be sure to follow my COVID ‘Team Reality’ Twitter list, 180+ doctors, medical professionals, analysts, data hounds, media, and politicians unafraid to tell the truth about COVID-19.

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