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New Report Finds Biden’s Economy Has Employed More Illegal Aliens to U.S. Jobs Than Americans

AP Photo/Jess Rapfogel

Despite President Joe Biden touting his economic “accomplishments,” a new report reveals that there are more foreign-born workers in the United States than American workers. 


New Bureau of Labor Statistics data released this week found that there are 637,000 non-American citizen workers in the country. On the contrary, nearly 300,000 native-born Americans lost their jobs. 

Economist E.J. Antoni told The Federalist that the government has added a significant amount of jobs that are primarily only held by foreign-born workers, leaving Americans struggling to look for jobs. 

“No wonder Americans view economy so terribly: they aren’t the ones [with] the jobs; native-born employment is not only millions below pre-pandemic trend, but even below pre-pandemic level, while millions more foreign workers are employed today than Feb ’20, and back to trend,” Antoni wrote on X.

In its findings, the Bureau of Labor Statistics admitted that it is more than likely that the survey includes some illegal immigrants. 

“However, neither the establishment nor the household survey is designed to identify the legal status of workers,” the agency stated, noting that they have no record of knowing how many illegal aliens are working U.S. jobs.

Former President Donald Trump accused Biden of committing “economic warfare” against America’s middle class. 

“The Biden border invasion is an all-out war on the working-class minorities of our country — and it is flat-out economic warfare on African American and Hispanic American families,” Trump said. “In less than 4 years, Joe Biden has imported millions of low-wage migrants and given them welfare, free healthcare, and work permits to undercut American wages.”


Antoni explained that when left-leaning outlets boast about Biden’s economy and how illegal immigration has helped the U.S., “they’re always talking about things like ‘Here are all the jobs they do.’ They never talk about all the costs that illegal immigration imposes.” 

“These people are using emergency rooms and they’re not paying their hospital bills. These people have their kids in public schools which they’re not paying taxes to fund. Illegal immigrants are imposing serious and significant costs,” he added. “Housing is another huge one. Where are these 12+ million illegal aliens staying? They are staying in apartments, they are staying in houses which means they are increasing demand and driving up rent prices. So you can say they’re adding production to the economy but they’re also adding significant costs.”

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