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Busloads of Illegal Migrants Arrive at Kamala Harris's House As Title 42 Ends

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

A busload of illegal migrants arrived at Vice President Kamala Harris’s Washington, DC, house after the ending of Title 42, which has allowed thousands of migrants to storm the border and enter the U.S. 


On Friday, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) sent more than 30 illegal migrants — men, women, and children, mostly from Venezuela— to the doorsteps of the U.S. Naval Observatory where Harris lives after making the trip from Texas. 

According to NBC News, the bus was the second to arrive in less than 24 hours. The first one dropped off at least 40 illegal migrants. 

Last week, D.C.’s temporary lodging program reached capacity, according to the District’s Department of Human Services. About 1,249 migrants from 370 families have been spread across three area hotels in the city. 

In just four months, D.C. residents have had to pay an $8 million bill to provide housing, food, and care for migrants and border crossers arriving in the city. 


Just hours before the Trump-era Title 42 immigration policy expired, which allowed law enforcement authorities to quickly expel migrants without granting them an asylum hearing, President Joe Biden admitted that the southern border would be “chaotic for a while.” 

Due to the expected historic surge of illegal migrants, vetted border crossers who cannot be processed by overburdened border authorities will be allowed into the U.S. Some of the illegal migrants that have been let into the country have been given immigration court dates set for a decade away. 

The U.S.-Mexico border could see up to at least 400,000 illegal migrants arriving at the border every month. 

Many border crossers are looking for jobs or running away from prior crimes, neither of which is a valid reason to seek asylum in the U.S. 

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