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Tens of Thousands of Illegal Migrants Are Heading for the Border

Townhall Media/Katie Pavlich

The crisis at the southern border is about to get much worse as border states are preparing for an influx of illegal migrants storming the U.S. 

A border patrol intelligence alert released a report warning that tens of thousands of illegal migrants are heading for the country. 


According to the report from the Customs Board and Protection, more than 40,000 illegal immigrants are said to be staged in the Mexican state of Chiapas along the Mexico/Guatemala border and will soon be knocking on the doors of U.S. states. 

The source claims that Chiapas is currently seeking travel documents from the Mexican government that will allow them to trek north and legally leave the Mexican border state.

Additionally, nearly 15,000 illegal migrants from Oaxaca are already on their way to the U.S. 

El Paso, Texas, has already encountered more than 7,000 migrants crossing the border this weekend alone, overwhelming border patrol agents. 

The situation at the border has become so dire that even CNN is taking note of it. 

In a headline titled, "Everyone Can Now Agree, the U.S. Has a Border Crisis," citing what is one of the biggest arguments between Republicans and Democrats, CNN points out that "no one is now doubting the chaos and potential migrant surge that could be triggered by an imminent policy shift next week."

The policy shifts the article states is Title 42, a Trump-era policy set to be lifted on Wednesday. 


CNN points out that an already strained border is about to stretch to unforeseeable limits. 

Even the most liberal of liberal leaders are acknowledging the problem.

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) said that his state does not have the capacity and tools to survive a migrant surge. 

"The fact is, what we've got right now is not working, and it's about to break in a post-(Title) 42 world unless we take some responsibility and ownership," he said.

The Biden White House has blatantly ignored the issue, with President Joe Biden saying that there are "more important things" to worry about. 

If, and they will, thousands of illegals cross into the U.S. thanks to Biden's ignorance, he will be forced to pay attention, not only by Republicans but by Democrats who are demanding a change. 

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