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Fauci Had 'I Am the Science,' Garland Now Dangerously Has 'I am the Law,' Cruz Warns

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Late last week, Attorney General Merrick Garland went before the House Judiciary Committee for oversight of the Department of Justice (DOJ). There was very little that the attorney general was able to provide in way of answers, as he stonewalled several members of Congress. During the Friday episode of "The Verdict," Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called to mind Dr. Anthony Facui's smug claims of "I am the science" to try to discredit those who would dare question him. Garland, as Cruz pointed out, has his own catch phrase, "I am the law." And, as the senator mentioned, "they're both wrong."


While co-host Ben Ferguson pointed out that he was shocked by Garland's "lack of just candid answers to basic questions that were asked of him," Cruz could not say the same. He wasn't surprised, actually, given that Garland, "from the day he was sworn in, has demonstrated a contempt for Congress, a contempt for the American people, a smug entitlement that no one is allowed to question him, that he doesn't have to answer any questions."

As the senator shared about his own questioning of the attorney general, "he will not answer, he will not give you a straight answer to anything," adding "and so as the evidence keeps mounting not just of Joe Biden's personal corruption, but of Merrick Garland being personally implicated now in multiple felonies, he has not wavered at all from his attitude that seems to say 'how dare you question me?'

That "attitude," Cruz pointed out, makes Garland "the legal equivalent of Anthony Fauci" and his "I am the science" claims. "Merrick Garland's response is, essentially, 'I am the law,'" Cruz offered. "And they're both wrong." 

Fauci had actually made those notorious "I am the science" remarks in November of 2021 during a "Face the Nation" Sunday show appearance in response to senators like Rand Paul (R-KY), who is also a doctor, and Cruz as well. 


Not only did Fauci scoff at the "noise" created by Paul, he actually said "I have to laugh at" criticisms from Cruz. Fauci claimed that "they're really criticizing science, because I represent science," which he claimed multiple times was "dangerous."

Exchanges played during the podcast included Garland's "arrogance" and lack of adequate responses with regards to if he had personal contact with anyone at the FBI to do with the Hunter Biden investigation. The podcast also included a clip of that viral moment from Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN), a Soviet-born congresswoman, who let Garland have it that in the United States of America, people actually fear their government, just as they had in the Soviet union. 

As Ferguson explained it, "I feel like this is the level of frustration and anger that so many Americans have that this congresswoman, Mrs. Spartz, displayed there. She's livid over the way that this man's doing his job, almost to the point of like 'how the hell can you live with yourself and how are you getting away with this?'" Ferguson also offered that "this is where I think many Americans are at this point." 

Cruz pointed out that not only does Spartz know what she's talking about, given how she grew up in the Soviet Union and knows what the KGB was capable, but also "notice, Garland doesn't respond at all, to any of what she said, he just sits there passively," which is what the KGB would likely do, though they would arrest Spartz, which makes the situation in the United States "marginally better." But, as Cruz pointed out, "the points she made are fundamentally the same."


It wasn't merely last Thursday's hearing where Garland was less than forthcoming, to put it politely. As Townhall has covered before, Garland has given non-answers on issues such as the FBI's targeting of traditional Catholics and parents at school board meetings

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