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AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

While Democrats may claim to see former and potentially future President Donald Trump's indictment and arraignment as a somber occasion, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) put forth a message to explain why it really is. The senator and 2016 presidential candidate released a video statement on Twitter. 


"Put aside for a moment whether you like Trump or not like him, whether you're for him or not for him, today is a bad day for all of us. Today, American politics crosses a line that it's never going to come back from," Rubio warned. "After today, after today, especially on the basis of how ridiculous these charges are, after today, every prosecutor in America who wants to make a name for themselves, now is going to have permission to go after someone in the other party," he emphasized, offering how this could have future political ramifications.

This includes how Republicans could go after Democrats now. 

"What's going to stop some Republican or conservative prosecutor now from saying, 'Well, I'm going to go after Joe Biden, or his family, or Bill Clinton, or Hillary Clinton, or Nancy Pelosi, whoever?'" Rubio asked. "What's going to stop them? Nothing's going to stop them because today, we set a new normal. Today, we set the new normal that if you really want to take someone down, nothing should stop you, you should be able to manipulate the law any way you want to charge someone."

Rubio also raised issues with the charges themselves. "And what really is damaging is the charges here...are absurd," he pointed out. "You're talking about a misdemeanor, if proven, a misdemeanor, that had a statute of limitation that expired. So this prosecutor has decided to link it to a federal charge, election law charge, that the federal government decided not to pursue, and all of it built on the testimony of a convicted liar, of a convicted liar," Rubio added. 


Not only is it "more than just political," Rubio warned, "it's poison to our country" and "will permanently change politics forever." Reminding people that it doesn't matter if they like Trump or not and that "we are going to regret this day for a very long time," Rubio recapped how "we are setting a new normal, a damaging new normal that is going to disfigure American politics and put us on a destructive road. We are going to regret this day for a very, very long time."

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is reportedly bringing 34 felony charges against the former and potentially future president. According to unconfirmed information leaked Monday night to Yahoo! News, which Bragg's office declined to comment on, the charge of falsification of business records could have been brought as a misdemeanor. Trump's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, said in an interview on "Good Morning America" that "there will be no guilty plea."

When it comes to Bragg wanting to "make a name for" himself, Matt Walsh also issued a warning about the consequences.


Rubio's message came on Tuesday, the day of Trump's arraignment. Fallout is already being witnessed, as chaos reigns in New York City while Trump supporters and opponents clash, as highlighted by Spencer. 

Katie provided details of the arraignment earlier:

Once Trump is arraigned, the indictment against him will be unsealed and the details of the charges will be revealed. After the federal government, through the Department of Justice and Federal Election Commission passed on prosecution, Bragg is reportedly bringing felony charges against Trump. Cameras will not be allowed in the court room.

"Marco" has been trending on Twitter, in part due to his video message. 

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