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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

When it comes to Thursday's indictment of former and potentially future President Donald Trump, you can bet that Democratic House members are just relishing in this moment. That especially goes for some of the  impeachment managers who made the case for impeaching Trump during his term. Yet for some reason they're trying to make us think otherwise with their fancy language.


Among them is Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO), a trial impeachment manager from Trump's second impeachment, the trial which didn't take place until he had already left office.

Crow wants us to believe that "This is a somber day for our nation," and a reminder that "no one is above the law and that we are all afforded due process and equal protection under the law." Crow's next point was even more laughable. "As we see this process unfold, I hope Americans can find faith in our judicial system and take heart in knowing justice benefits us all," he also shared.

His statement received swift and strong reactions from both those supporting the indictment as they shared their true colors, and those opposing it.

When it comes to this process unfolding, for such a highly politicized charge that should not have been brought forward in the first place, it is highly unlikely that Americans will find any kind of hope or "faith in our judicial system." If anything, it could rip Americans farther apart. If it does bring any kind of benefit, it's likely going to be for Trump and his presidential campaign, now that he is subject to the unprecedented move of being the first former president indicted for a crime. "Precedent" is even trending on Twitter as people criticize or at least highlight this aspect of the indictment. 


Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who served as an impeachment manager alongside of Crow, also tweeted out an equally ridiculous statement with similar language. He too was routinely mocked by people who didn't really believe he reacted in such a way. 

Remember, this is what they're saying in public, those who will talk about it that is. We all know how they really feel, though. 

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