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Trump's Response to Chinese Spy Balloon Stands in Stark Contrast to Biden's

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

As Matt covered on Thursday night, a Chinese spy balloon was discovered over Montana, though it wasn't shot down, reportedly due to concerns of "debris hitting people on the ground," as The New York Times reported. While the Biden administration has been weak in its response, former and potentially future President Donald Trump made it clear what he would do.



"SHOOT DOWN THE BALLON!," Trump shared in all caps from his Truth Social account on Friday morning. He had also ReTruthed a post from Jack Posobiec as well, who pointed out how "we will do nothing" because "we are owned" when it comes to China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 


Katie has covered other responses from those demanding that the balloon be shot down. Members of Montana's congressional delegation are also calling for more action.

This includes Montana's one Democrat elected to statewide office, Sen. Jon Tester, also tweeted that he is monitoring the situation and "will hold everyone accountable."

In addition to his tweets, Rep. Matt Rosendale of Montana's 2nd Congressional District sent a letter on Friday to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin demanding a briefing from defense officials. 

In contrast to his predecessor and possible successor, President Joe Biden doesn't appear to treat the matter as enough of a priority. As Spencer highlighted earlier on Friday, he refused to take questions on the issue, after giving remarks during the economy, during which he also refused to take any blame for inflation. 


Biden's official account as well as the White House have so far on Friday only tweeted about the economy, while his personal account has not yet tweeted at all. 

Keep in mind, we're currently being run by an administration not where Biden has bragged about his relationship with Xi Jinping, and who just days before the balloon was discovered claimed that climate change was a more serious threat than "nuclear weapons," which Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) appropriately called out as "scary" and "petrifying," going on to mention concerns with China in his remarks on "Fox & Friends First" from Wednesday morning. 

While China is arguably the biggest threat we've faced and have been facing, it's not the only one. Russia invaded Ukraine almost a year ago now, a move Vladimir Putin made not while Trump was in office, but Biden. 

Not only was the balloon still up in the sky as of Friday morning, with the CCP admitting it is theirs and claiming regret, but the Canadian Department of National Defence "said it's monitoring a potential second balloon," according to CBC News. 

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