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It feels more like ancient history by now — though not as ancient as the president himself — but back in 2020, then-candidate Joe Biden tweeted out his "promise" to the American people to "always" unite rather than divide.


What's more, Biden pledged that he would "take responsibility instead of blaming others."

That was August 2020 Biden, and we've seen that President Biden has never actually lived up to his pledge despite him often claiming that "his word as a Biden" is some sort of unimpeachable guarantee. From the deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, to inflation, to energy/border/supply chain/transportation crises, Biden has always found someone else to take the blame he deserves. 

Well, on Friday morning we saw again how Biden's campaign for president was built on as many falsehoods as he's spewed in the first two years of his administration. 

After speaking about the economy — remarks in which Biden acknowledged that inflation was still being felt by Americans — the president was asked whether he accepted any of the blame for inflation that hit 40-year highs on his watch. Unsurprisingly, Biden's answer was a simple "no." Watch:

Oh, so Biden thinks he doesn't bear any blame because inflation "was already there [here?] when I got here, man!" Really. I guess Biden expects Americans to forget that inflation spiked out of control *after* Biden took office? And also ignore the fact that Biden and his administration dismissed the existence of inflation as prices began to surge higher? 


If inflation was "already there" when he took office in January 2021, why did he and his aides dismiss it months later? And only eventually acknowledge its existence but claim it was transitory? If it wasn't a problem or was transitory, then it wasn't around when he took office. It's also important to remember that Biden and his administration previously blamed Putin's war on Ukraine for inflation as "Putin's Price Hike" on Americans. 

So, based on Biden and his aides' claims, Biden has some serious dissonance to remedy. Which is it, Mr. President?

  • inflation is not a legitimate concern
  • inflation is merely transitory
  • inflation is actually Putin's fault
  • inflation was here before January 2021 

Biden's attempt to refuse any blame for inflation is indefensibly ludicrous, but also breaks his key promise to "take responsibility instead of blaming others." It's complete bunk and therefore textbook Biden governance. Come on, man.

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