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Celebration of a New Year Brings With It Yet Another Reminder From Bidens to Get Vaccinated

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The Biden administration is just obsessed with badgering folks to get vaccinated against COVID-19, which now includes getting multiple boosters, and getting a booster when every year like the flu shot. Thus, any time a celebration or major event comes up, we can count on the administration, or President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden themselves to remind us they expect us to fall in line and get up to date.


As Breaking 911 highlighted on Sunday, part of the Biden's message to Americans aired on ABC News had to do with the vaccine. In the name of telling people to "especially take care of your health this year," the first lady implored people to "go get that COVID vaccine and get your flu shot." The president, very much appearing as old as he is, chimed in to share something indecipherable. 

Ryan Seacrest, the host of "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest" which airs on ABC, politely thanked the two for their message, but kept it telling them "thank you very much for being with us, Happy New Year."

Again, this is hardly anything new from the Biden family or the administration. 

President Biden made a forceful and push for people to get their vaccine and booster when he himself was boosted yet again in late October. His remarks at the time very much had a pessimistic as well as doom and gloom kind of tone, as has been the case when lecturing people about the unvaccinated. 

On Black Friday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tweeted out for people to get the "updated" COVID vaccines and flu shots as a matter of "self-care." The White House and others in the administration followed suit in the coming days over Twitter, even as more important things were going on, such as the protests over China's draconian "zero COVID" policies.


For all the incessant reminders, different members and departments of the administration have had a hard time keeping their narrative straight on how often to get boosters. 

When it came to Christmas, the administration also included a push for vaccines as a way to send out well wishes over Twitter. This came even as Biden in his Christmas message a few days before had shared that "COVID lon--no longer controls our lives," just as he had emphasized during his "60 Minutes" interview in September that "the pandemic is over."

Over at our sister site of RedState, Bonchie fittingly highlighted how "Jill Biden's New Year's Message Is Everything Wrong With the Biden Administration," appropriately lamenting how "with just hours left in 2022, here’s Jill Biden talking like it’s the Fall of 2021, refusing to give us a break, even on a holiday, from the onslaught of propaganda."

As the piece goes on to aptly mention, with original emphasis:

What kind of uplifting message for the new year is it to once again hijack audiences with demands to go get vaccinated for COVID-19? Heck, why mention the pandemic at all? Anyone who has not gotten vaccinated by now is obviously not going to do so. They don’t need the White House to keep breathing down their necks into perpetuity about the topic. It’s just cringe-inducing, from the message choice to the sight of Biden’s botox-inflated face as he pretends his wife, who is definitely not a doctor, is some kind of authority on the matter.


Jill Biden’s generic plea is par for the course for the Biden administration, though. They always simply double down on failure, refusing all nuance while believing that if they say something enough, it will be taken as truth. Their talking points never change no matter how much new data they receive. Instead, they just push harder, as with the White House’s relentless denial that we entered a recession earlier in 2022.

It’s a terrible strategy to gain the trust of the American people at a time when our institutions already face a crisis of credibility. It’s also just extremely annoying. People are sick of hearing about COVID-19, and it’s clear that the virus is endemic enough that it does not need constant messaging set around it anymore. Let people live their lives without dangling COVID-19 over them constantly.


As was the case when it comes to reactions people had to other reactions from the Biden administration to get the COVID vaccines and boosters, Twitter users were not having it. In this particular case, many pointed to how the first lady is often referred to as Dr. Biden, but because she has a PhD, and is not actually a medical doctor, in addition to bringing up Big Pharma's interest in promoting the vaccine. 

There have been close to 6,000 replies since the clip was posted about 24 hours ago. Of the 1,976 retweets, 1,268 are quoted retweets also taking issue. 

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