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For far too long, it seems that rabble-rousers on the left have been able to take aim against our institutions, including and especially the U.S. Supreme Court, and get away with it. On Tuesday, however, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) called out one of the worst offenders, transgender activist Alejandra Caraballo of Harvard Law School’s Cyberlaw Clinic. 


The exchange took place during the House Oversight Committee hearing on "Confronting White Supremacy (Part VII): The Evolution of Anti-Democratic Extremist Groups and the Ongoing Threat to Democracy." The committee's website described it as the final hearing in the series, "which highlighted the sprawling nature of the domestic terrorism threat and detailed the consequences of inaction by contextualizing the proliferation of white nationalism and political violence."

Our friends at Twitchy highlighted the exchange and reactions, as shared by Andy Ngo on Twitter. During her time to question the multiple witnesses, Mace asked each of them if rhetoric on social media is a problem and a threat to our democracy" and if they believe "rhetoric targeting officials with violence for carrying out their constitutional duties is a threat to democracy." 

Caraballo answered in the affirmative for both questions, with Rep. Mace then calling to mind a tweet from the witness on June 25, not long after the Court overturned Roe v. Wade with its Dobbs v. Jackson decision. As the congresswoman also reminded throughout her questioning, there had been a foiled assassination attempt on Justice Brett Kavanaugh just weeks before the decision was officially handed down on June 24, which had been leaked on May 2. 

Illegal protests showed up at the homes of other conservative justices, including Chief Justice John Roberts, who only merely concurred in the Dobbs case. Protesters also showed up to accost justices while they attended restaurants and made public information about where they lived, went to church, and where their children went to school. Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote the opinion of the Court, had left his home due to the protests and appeared remotely for subsequent events. 

"The 6 justices who overturned Roe should never know peace again," Caraballo tweeted. "It is our civic duty to accost them every time they are in public. They are pariahs. Since women don’t have their rights, these justices should never have a peaceful moment in public again."

The congresswoman had a posterboard of the tweet in question behind her and referenced a tweet from November 19 in which Caraballo insisted that the Court was not legitimate. 


Mace asked Caraballo, "Do you stand by these comments, this kind of rhetoric on social media?" And as she had been asked a moment before, "Do you believe it's a threat to democracy?"

The witness tried to clarify such comments, thanking Mace for providing that opportunity, as if such comments could actually be clarified. Mace shut her down, though, asking for a "yes or no" answer when it comes to, "Do you believe your rhetoric is a threat to democracy when you’re calling to accost a branch of government, the Supreme Court?"

Caraballo claimed in response, "I don't believe that's a correct characterization of my statements." Though it's hard to believe one could find any other characterization. Nevertheless, Caraballo doubled down during the questioning, saying, "That's not an accurate characterization of my statements," despite the tweet itself calling for people to "accost" justices. 

In addition to referencing the foiled assassination attempt against Kavanaugh, Mace referenced personal details about how she has been physically accosted and carries a firearm with her at all times. 


The tweets from Caraballo were not a one or even two-time habit. An advanced search shows that Caraballo has tweeted about the justices numerous times, especially after the draft was leaked on May 2. Many of her tweets appear to communicate an overall stance in favor of accosting justices, including through illegal protests. 


Since the exchange, Caraballo has tweeted outrage against Mace for highlighting the exchange via a tweet from Mike Cernovich. Once again, though, she sought to distract from the issue at hand. 


When it comes to the mention from the House Oversight Committee's website of how the "FBI and DHS have recognized white supremacy as the deadliest domestic terror threat facing the United States," it's worth reminding that the FBI is reportedly inflating the numbers of such incidents in order to meet quotas. The Biden administration and President Joe Biden himself made much about this supposed threat.


It's also rich that the website references "election denial" when the hearing was held by Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), who serves as the chairman of the Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. As one of his first acts of Congress, Raskin objected to the results of the 2016 presidential election, a move which he touted on his official website

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