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Ron Klain Taking It Up a Notch With Gaslighting the American People in Tweets About Gas Prices

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File

We've been covering the shenanigans of White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, including when it comes to him having violated the Hatch Act earlier this year. Klain likes to tweet an awful lot about gas prices in particular. His latest round of tweets, from Monday, even had some sass to it, in addition to quite the specific and convenient narrative. 


Klain sarcastically noted in his tweet that "I'm sure it will receive as much media coverage as when gas prices go up" with regards to this decline in gas prices, though many pointed out gas prices are still too high, as well as at what cost. 

President Joe Biden and his administration have continuously defended the move to deplete the Strategic Oil Reserves, and have even touted it as an accomplishment worth celebrating. This is despite how the reserves have been depleted to critically low, crisis levels. 

The narrative is also quite different when it comes to who controls gas prices, as many users likewise pointed out, and our friends at Twitchy highlighted. The administration, as well as Biden himself, have sought to shrug off any and all blame when it comes to rising gas prices. That Klain has such a smart take when it comes to this take on gas prices adds insult to injury. 


Then again, Klain is, after all, following the narrative repeated by his fellow Biden administration lackeys in trying to distract and claim otherwise when it comes to the idea of whether or not the president deserves credit for gas prices going down versus blame when gas prices go up.

While the Biden administration has declared its own kind of war on American energy, Biden has taken to makes deals with and begging less than savory foreign powers, including Venezuela, as many users also pointed out. 


According to AAA, the average price for a gallon of gas on November 28 is at $3.546. Ten states, however, are still in the highest price bracket of $3.912 per gallon, as it is in Utah, to $5.198 in Hawaii. 

Klain tweeted again about gas prices later in the day as well.

While Klain may believe that there's "positive economic news," it's worth reminding that the GDP report for the third quarter will be released on Wednesday. Time will tell if there really is that kind of good news, or if we're that much more entrenched in recession territory. Given how Klain has tried to spin bad economic news in the past, though, something tells us he'll proclaim it's part of that "more economic news" regardless if that's really the case. 


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also went with the same narrative, which included not only celebrating the Biden administration's supposed accomplishments, but also going after oil and gas companies, during Monday's press briefing. 

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