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Leftists Now Even Going After CNN for Daring to Take Issue With Biden's Speech

AP Photo/Ron Harris

CNN has had mixed responses to President Joe Biden's speech attacking 74 million voters in this country, flanked by Marines against a red backdrop that made him look like something out of "V for Vendetta" or Nazi Germany. On one hand, as Spencer covered, CNN's Brianna Keilar the network's Chief National Affairs Correspondent Jeff Zeleny criticized the use of Marines there. On the other hand, as Leah covered, CNN reporter Eva McKend gushed over how supposedly "patriotic" it was. 


When it comes to Keilar and Zeleny's criticisms, the left went nuts, furthering the "semi-fascism" narrative when it comes to taking issue with any dissent. "Brianna" was even trending at one point over Twitter, and a tweet from her calling out the presence of Marines has received approximately 19,700 replies. "Boycott CNN" has also been trending on Friday. 


Our friends at Twitchy also highlighted some of the best responses.

Jennifer Rubin tweeted incessantly about the speech throughout Thursday, spending almost as much time and energy focusing on what a failure CNN has supposedly become. 


The network was also the source of chatter as it appeared they dimmed the lighting to make it look a little less, well, fascist.  

This is hardly the only time that CNN has come under fire in recent weeks. Earlier this week, their fact-checker Daniel Dale took issue with Lauren Windsor and MeidasTouch for sharing an undercover, supposedly gotcha video of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) talking about defunding the FBI.


Jake Tapper also was the target of collective outrage from the left over his daring to tweet out a column from Salena Zito for the Washington Examiner, about how Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Republican nominee, might have a chance against Democrat John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania senatorial race to fill the open seat to be left by retiring Sen. Pat Toomey, a Republican.

CNN isn't suddenly some MAGA network themselves, though with any hope under new leadership--which has already seen the ousting of Brian Stelter and cancelation of his "Reliable Sources"--it could become slightly less than just a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party and Biden administration. That leftist hacks expect anything other than carrying water for the administration to be the MAGA movement that has become so demonized is another sign of who the real fascists are. 

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