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'It's Wrong': CNN Blasts Biden for Using Military As Backdrop for 'Battle' Speech

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

It didn't take long after Biden finished his rancid, combative remarks in Philadelphia for the reviews of the latest divisive screed from "Mr. Unity" to come in, and they predictably were not favorable from those among the 70 million Americans he declared were hatefully working to bring about the end of democracy:


In addition to the caustic content of Biden's message — vote for the people I say or you're a fascist — the staging was also of note, and not just the ominous red hue that bathed the sides of Independence Hall. No, the two Marines standing at attention behind the president grabbed viewers' eyes.


A producer for ABC pointed out an obvious but important truth as well: 

Meanwhile, even CNN talent was unnerved by the display. Chief National Affairs Correspondent Jeff Zeleny took issue with the staging of the Marines behind Biden for such a political speech, calling it a "break with White House traditions."

CNN's Brianna Keilar joined in the criticism as well saying the positioning of Marines behind Biden for a speech like Thursday night's "flies in the face" of the idea that America's military is "supposed to be apolitical."


Thursday night's political use of military personnel was not even Biden's first flub when it comes to protocol and existing precedent, as Guy pointed out:

Perhaps Biden's combative screed that was ironically previewed by the White House as one of unity did succeed in one way: uniting media across the partisan spectrum in its criticism of the imagery the president used to back up his words.

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