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Why Is Adam Kinzinger So Surprised the Desperate DCCC Meddled in Michigan Race?

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

This piece has been updated to include comments from the John Gibbs' campaign and to reflect Decision Desk HQ's prediction of the race. 

Early on Wednesday morning, Decision Desk HQ called the Republican primary in Michigan's 3rd Congressional District for John Gibbs against Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI), the incumbent who was one of 10 Republicans to vote to impeach former President Donald Trump. Gibbs wasn't merely backed by Trump, but was also boosted by the desperate Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).


That, as it turns out, didn't so well with some fellow House Democrats. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a particularly outspoken RINO who also voted to impeach Trump, took issue with the move as well. 

As our friends at Twitchy highlighted, Kinzinger spoke to CNN's Brianna Keilar last week to call out the tactic as "disgusting," continuing by declaring "don't come to me after having spent money supporting an election denier in a primary and then come to me and say 'where are all the good Republicans?'"

Kinzinger then also engaged in a rant about "the threat to our democracy," proclaiming it as the issue which matters the most," which "our kids will judge us by." Calling out Democrats by name, he pointed out that "when we're sitting here playing DCCC, you know, DNC politics, let's promote the crazy, and then that person wins, you don't understand the real threat. I'm sorry, you don't understand the threat to democracy."


Kinzinger and Keilar once more had that discussion on Wednesday morning, after which point Gibbs had been declared the nominee. Kinzinger reminded the Democrats that they "own that" if Gibbs wins in November, adding a "congratulations." He also reiterated his demand of "don't keep coming to me, asking 'where are all the good Republicans that defend democracy' and then take your donors money and spend half a million dollars promoting one of the worst election deniers that's out there."

In response to people who say "'well this is just politics,'" Kinzinger opined "how cynical that is, and that's why Americans are just sick of both parties to be honest with you."

Gibbs is considered by Democrats easier to beat, as he faces Democratic nominee Hillary Scholten in November. Though the seat is still listed as a "Toss-up," at least one outlet is changing their prediction to "Lean Democratic," in this case, Cook Political Report.


Decision Desk HQ, in a tweet from Wednesday afternoon, indicated that while they now consider the race to be a "Toss-up," Gibbs still has a slight edge.

Nevertheless, as one of the House members who took issue with the DCCC propping up Gibbs in such a way, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), warned Democrats ought to be careful what they wish for. She was quoted by POLITICO last week as saying "I do want to win these races, but it makes me worried," who also pointed out how people thought Trump couldn't win in 2016. "I just really worry about promoting election deniers and this idea that we’re going to be able to control what voters want at the end of the day."

Perhaps the DCCC will have to reap what they sow if and when Gibbs wins against Scholten and replaces Rep. Meijer as the district's next congressman. 

"Our polls showed that Meijer could not have beaten the Democrat because the grass roots would not supported him in the general. So the idea that the Dems believe Gibbs would have been easier to beat is preposterous," said AnneMarie Schieber, who handles media relations for the Gibbs for Congress campaign, in a statement for Townhall. "Gibbs is running as a common sense candidate who will have broad appeal to a wide swath of voters who are frustrated by inflation, supply chain disruptions, rising crime and election meddling. Gibbs won’t have to defend Biden’s disastrous policies like his opponent.  We look forward to another victory."


It's worth reminding that for his anti-Trump stance, Illinois state Democrats pretty much redistricted Kinzinger's seat out of existence. Kinzinger chose to resign rather than lose. 

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