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The Christmas Holiday Was Hijacked By Some of These Awful Takes on Twitter

AP Photo/Baba Ahmed

Just as it happened over Thanksgiving, it was bound to happen for Christmas. Certain accounts decided to use the holiday as a day to get rather political in a way that had nothing to do with or even hindered the true meaning of Christmas.


DC College Democrats, a main culprit from Thanksgiving, among its many Christmas tweets and retweets shared a "cheat sheet" on "Talking to your family about politics this Christmas" for "the inevitable Christmas dinner-table conversation about politics."

As the replies and retweets reminded, though, such a conversation is hardly "inevitable."

Speaking of the Democrats, though, the DNC was largely silent on the holiday. While press releases have been sent to our inboxes commemorating the recent Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and even Native American Heritage Day, there was no such email about Christmas in our inboxes. 

There was a tweet from the DNC, with a graphic that featured an Amtrak train, as well as one from DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, featuring a brief message.

Harrison also retweeted the DNC greeting and a "Christmas Day read" that he co-authored with Jessica Tarlov about the child tax credit.

The pro-abortion crowd was particularly out in full force as well. 


NARAL was particularly bad.

In addition to encouraging followers to further pro-abortion propaganda, NARAL used the holiday as a fundraising effort, which they tweeted about several times on Christmas Eve and Day, with certain tweets even connecting their fundraising effort to such a holy day. 


It's worth noting that NARAL's multiple tweets and retweets on celebrating Kwanzaa did not mention abortion. 

FiveThirtyEight, which does not even exclusively cover abortion politics, also decided Christmas Day was the appropriate time for people to submit abortion stories. 

Ultimately, the tweet was ratioed. many users reacted by calling them out, with some also sharing pro-life stories. 


Whatever the Christmas message means to different people, if it means politics to you, you're doing it wrong.

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