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Poll: Supermajority Believe 2021 Was A Bad Year for the Country

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Fox Business released more results from its December poll on Monday, with more bad news. A supermajority, of voters at 70 percent, believe that 2021 was a "bad year" for the country. A majority, at 55 percent, also said that it was a "bad year" for them and their family. 

A majority of every demographic but Blacks said it was a "bad year" for the country, with a plurality of 45 percent of that demographic saying so.

Republicans say it was a bad year for them personally by 64 percent. Independents are not that far behind, with 59 percent saying so.  Further, while more Democrats say it was a "good year" for them personally, it's more of a statistical tie, with 43 percent saying it was a "good year and 42 percent saying it was a "bad year."

Other demographics where a plurality said it was a "good year" included Blacks (45 percent), non-white women (44 percent), Democratic women (43 percent) and Biden voters (43 percent). For Democratic men, 43 percent said it was a "good year" while 43 percent said it was a "bad year" as well. 

There was no majority where a demographic said it was a "good year."

The poll showed similarly not great results when voters were asked "How hopeful are you about the future of the country?" Fifty four percent said they were "not hopeful."

Not surprisingly, this was result was more nuanced than others when broken down by demographic.

A majority of certain demographics did respond they were hopeful, including Blacks (69 percent), Non-whites (55 percent), Non-white men (50 percent), Non-white women (58 percent), those over 65 years old (50 percent), Democrats (60 percent), Democratic men (57 percent), Democratic women (63 percent), Liberals (54 percent), Biden voters (61 percent), white women with degrees (50 percent), and urban voters (53 percent).

However, most demographics said they were not hopeful and those who said they were not said so with greater percentages, Republicans (69 percent) and Independents (58 percent). Others included men (57 percent), women (52 percent), whites (58 percent) Hispanics (53 percent), white men (59 percent), white women (56 percent), those under 45 (52 percent), those over 45 (56 percent), those under 35 (51 percent), those making under $50k (56 percent) those making over 50k (54 percent), Republican men (70 percent), Republican women (68 percent), moderates (51 percent), conservatives (64 percent), white evangelicals (59 percent), Trump voters (71 percent), white college degree holders (53 percent), whites with no degree (62 percent), white men with degrees (56 percent), white men with no degree (62 percent), white women with no degree (61 percent), suburban voters (56 percent), rural voters (59 percent), suburban women (53 percent), and rural whites (61 percent).

Included in Victoria Balara's reporting on the poll for Fox News is comments from pollsters Daron Shaw and Chris Anderson:

"These findings are unusual, because Americans tend to be optimistic about the future," says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts Fox polls with Democrat Chris Anderson. "The promise of 2021 was that we would get off the roller coaster, but instead it felt like the ride was just as intense with little hope of returning to normalcy. For many of us, that is a little depressing."


"These ratings often shift dramatically based on who controls the White House, with partisans more optimistic when their candidates are in power," says Anderson.  "But the shifts among independents are instructive and a clear warning sign for Democrats, who will need to show more progress to woo these voters back before the midterms."

The poll was conducted December 11 to 14 with 1,002 registered voters and a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

That same Fox Business poll earlier this month revealed that a plurality of respondents believe Biden's actions are hurting inflation, as Spencer reported

As Guy mentioned while appearing as a guest on Tuesday's episode of "Gutfeld!" when it was discussed, the poll is professionally conducted. "There are very dumb people who think it's like Sean Hannity polling his household," but, as he reminded, it's conducted by bipartisan pollsters referenced above.


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