Here's How Business Is Going for that Bar Owner Who Refuses to Show NBA Games Until LeBron Is Expelled

Posted: May 01, 2021 8:35 PM
Here's How Business Is Going for that Bar Owner Who Refuses to Show NBA Games Until LeBron Is Expelled

Source: Mike Ehrmann/Pool Photo via AP

Not only are celebrities not immune when it comes to rushing to judgment, but they often compound situations that much more with the kind of platforms they have. Hours after Officer Nicholas Reardon was identified as the officer who shot and killed 16-year old Ma'Khia Bryant, who was wielding a knife when police arrived to the scene, NBA legend LeBron James tweeted a photo of Reardon, warning "YOU'RE NEXT" and "#Accountability." LeBrown deleted the tweet, but didn't face much consequences for it, or so it seemed. As Matt reported recently, a bar owner in Cincinnati is refusing to air NBA games at his bar until LeBrown is expelled. In other words, he's stopped airing NBA games in his bar. 

The bar owner, Jay Linneman, of Linnie's Pub made a Facebook post in which he warned "If anyone wants to watch an NBA game, don’t come to Linnie’s Pub." LeBron himself clapped back, which the media were to jump on reporting with glee. 

Linneman is getting plenty of his own attention. How is he doing? 

Well, as David Hookstead reported for the Daily Caller, users can no longer leave Yelp reviews for the bar, which has 1.5 stars with 110 reviews, after all of the attention. There's a "Public Attention Alert" preventing you from doing so where you'd try to leave a review. Yelp also has a warning to let users know that "This business is being monitored by Yelp's Support team for content related to media reports." 

Hookstead's followed up though to report "Business Is Reportedly Booming For The Bar That Banned NBA Games Because Of LeBron James." 

As Chris Mayhew with the Cincinnati Enquirer reported, "'Linnie's has never been busier': Cincinnati pub owner talks about reactions to LeBron James." 

While Mayhew opened with noting that "Linnie's Pub's owner says he's had a flood of positive and negative response," Linneman says he's gotten more positive support, which has come from customers as well as nearby local businesses.

From the article:

A gas station sign on Westbourne Road near Cincinnati's West Side within a couple of miles of the pub in Delhi Township put up a sign below the price of gasoline: "Hey LeBron, the West Side thanks you. Linne's has never been busier." 

Linneman said the point was not to get support for Linnie's. The bar owner said he has long been a supporter of law enforcement. He said more customers have been coming in since Friday.

"I hope people channel the support to law enforcement and not necessarily to Linnie's Pub," he said.

It's nice to know, then, that at least someone is getting some good karma for standing up to the untouchable LeBron James.