Sen. Hawley Bill Would Give DOJ Green-Light to Increase Law Enforcement Funding

Posted: Sep 09, 2020 1:20 PM
Sen. Hawley Bill Would Give DOJ Green-Light to Increase Law Enforcement Funding

Source: Al Drago/Pool via AP

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) plans to introduce a measure that would give the Department of Justice (DOJ) the authority to increase the salaries of state and local law enforcement officers, except for in cities that choose to “defund the police.”

Hawley named the legislation for David Dorn, a retired law enforcement officer who was allegedly shot and killed in St. Louis by violent protesters during demonstrations after George Floyd’s death:

The bill would legislate $15 billion to the DOJ, for Attorney General Bill Barr to distribute to individual departments. Law enforcement officials would be given the autonomy to raise salaries but up to 110 percent over local average income.

“Police departments across the country are under siege — underfunded, facing increased retirements and struggling to make new hires. But, as violence and rioting sweeps across American cities big and small, our courageous law enforcement officers are more vital now than ever,” Hawley said on Fox News. "Democratic politicians are bending to radical activists who want to defund the police. We should do just the opposite. Our officers deserve a raise, not defunding. They deserve our unqualified support, and this bill would give it to them.“

Hawley’s proposal comes on the heels of the vilification of law enforcement as a whole, as cities face violent riots and unrest. A handful of law enforcement departments, including in Seattle, Minneapolis and New York City, have seen funding cuts as the idea of "defunding the police" gains traction from the far-left.