Biden to Hold 'Virtual Women's Town Hall' After Tara Reade's Claims are Bolstered by New Evidence

Posted: Apr 27, 2020 3:00 PM
Biden to Hold 'Virtual Women's Town Hall' After Tara Reade's Claims are Bolstered by New Evidence

Source: AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign announced on Monday afternoon that Biden will host a ‘Virtual Women’s Town Hall’ on Tuesday. This announcement comes on the heels of damning developments in former Biden aide Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against the former vice president. 

Though this event was likely in the works before this weekend’s developments, the timing of a Town Hall geared toward women is highly suspicious. Biden has been spared of any accountability from the mainstream media during interviews; thus far, the former vice president has not had to answer a single question about the charges Reade is making against him. 

As we have written repeatedly, the “believe all women” standard created by the Left severely undermines the basic fundamentals of our legal system, but the Left should be forced to apply their standard, which they invented to derail the confirmation of a Conservative jurist, to one of their own. By Biden’s own logic that previously stated surrounding this issue, he should presume his own guilt. 

Biden vowed in March to select a female vice presidential candidate, and all of the women on his shortlist have also remained silent on Reade’s claims. Just a year and a half ago, these women all opposed the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh on account of misconduct allegations that were less credible, with much less evidentiary support and corroboration; their double standard is glaring, to say the least. 

What the former vice president will say to America’s women who partake in Tuesday’s virtual Town Hall, as he avoids accountability on an issue that is close to the hearts of so many, remains to be seen.

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