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New Evidence Shows That Tara Reade's Mother Told 'Larry King Live' About Alleged Biden Assault

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

New evidence to support the sexual assault claim against presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, from former aide to then-Senator Biden, Tara Reade, surfaced on Friday. Reade alleged that her former boss assaulted her in an encounter in the United States Capitol, during her tenure working in Biden’s Senate office.


Reade’s allegation has brought silence from Democrats and members of the mainstream media, who crucified Brett Kavanaugh on account of less credible allegations of sexual misconduct less than two years ago. 

While Democrats hope to drag Biden over the presidential finish line in November without having to answer questions about any misconduct, new evidence to back up Tara Reade’s claims surfaced. A “Larry King Live” clip from 1993 shows that Reade’s mother called into the show to seek advice for her daughter who had problems while working in a prominent senator’s office. The Intercept originally reported the transcript, and Reade confirmed her mother’s identity in the call, per Fox News:


The Biden campaign has vehemently denied Reade’s claims, despite the former vice president’s prior commitment to “believing women:”

“What should happen is the woman should be given the benefit of the doubt and not be, you know, abused again by the system. I hope that they understand what courage it takes for someone to come forward and relive what they believe happened to them and let them state it, but treat her with respect,” Biden said previously.

This new evidence in Tara Reade's case absolutely does not declare Biden to be guilty, by any means; the former vice president deserves due process, while Reade deserves to be heard. However, combined with the corroboration from Reade’s family members, this new supporting evidence is pretty damning for the former vice president. The most telling element to remember is that all of the evidence in Reade’s case severely outweighs the severe lack of evidence and corroboration presented by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against Justice Brett Kavanaugh just 1.5 years ago, when Democrats executed a character assassination campaign and believed Dr. Ford and others on their word alone. 


With evidence and corroboration present in Reade’s case, Democrats are confronted with the standard that they themselves set in the Fall of 2018; will they continue to “believe women” on face value alone, or will Biden receive the benefit of the doubt, and due process, because he is one of their own? Anyone paying attention would venture a guess that the latter is a safe bet.

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