Koch-Backed Group Endorses Scott Wagner For Governor

Posted: Aug 09, 2018 6:00 PM
Koch-Backed Group Endorses Scott Wagner For Governor

Pennsylvania GOP Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner received a major endorsement Thursday, from a power player for conservatives, the Koch Brothers-backed advocacy group Americans for Prosperity. The group had, until now, stayed quiet on the contentious gubernatorial race, but is now going on the offense for Wagner. The grassroots group has historically attacked Governor Wolf for his high-tax policies and big-government, overreaching regulations that impede on the paychecks of Pennsylvanians. This endorsement from a major, Conservative group will breathe life, and funds, back into the Wagner campaign, which currently trails the incumbent governor’s campaign in finances and polling. 

"Scott is pleased to have the support of an organization committed to promoting business friendly policies and fostering economic growth - something that, despite his MIT degree, Tom Wolf knows nothing about. While Tom Wolf is bought and paid for by the public sector unions that continuously hold our economy and our education system back from the reforms that we desperately need, Scott will continue to work with everyone who shares his vision of protecting paychecks for hard working Pennsylvanians," Scott Wagner’s campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo said in an email.

Indeed, Wolf, who was once voted the most liberal governor in America, is the chosen one for public sector unions in Pennsylvania and is notorious for proposing tax hikes on Pennsylvania families. The governor has been well-funded via public sector unions across the board during his tenure as governor, racking up nearly $8 million in donations from various public sector union PACs. Per the Commonwealth Foundation, Wolf has proposed 11 legislative tax hikes, totaling to billions, courtesy of Pennsylvanians’ paychecks. 

A Governor Wagner would work to reverse the economic havoc wreaked by Governor Wolf, but would also allow Pennsylvanians to feel the full effects of the economic boom that is occurring under the Trump Administration’s bold policy reforms. Under Governor Wolf, Pennsylvania workers do not enjoy the growing economy, job market and historic tax bill put forth by the Republican-majority chambers of Congress and President Trump; Wolf’s tax hikes, burdensome regulation and refusal to sign budgets have put the Pennsylvania economy on the decline.