District Work Period: A Time to Reconnect with America

Posted: Jul 30, 2010 12:13 PM
This weekend, Members of Congress will leave Capitol Hill and go back to their districts as August’s district work period begins. This six week break from legislative duties in D.C. will provide representatives the opportunity to get out of the “Washington bubble” and experience life alongside their constituents.

I expect Members will see the effects of our faltering economy on small businesses. They also may witness families in a pinch due to high unemployment numbers. Auto dealership inventory may be sitting stagnant and home “for sale” signs may not have budged in months.

As families have balanced their budgets and kept a close eye on their own spending, Congress has put spending on the fast-track, racking up our country’s debt level to a whopping $13.2 trillion. Democrats have pushed through more and more bailouts, new bureaucratic regulations, and monstrous policies in this legislative session. During district work period, all voting is put on hold. Now is our time to listen.

This week I posed a question to my Facebook followers: “What topics do you think Members of Congress need to hear about?” I received a myriad of responses, but the underlying principles were the same – fiscal responsibility, limited government, and a strict adherence to the Constitution.

Americans weren’t afraid to answer with specific policy items including everything from more border security, repealing Obamacare, to an audit of the Federal Reserve. Americans clearly have a lot on their minds this summer.

Members of Congress, now is your time to utilize this break to visit with small business owners, farmers and stay-at-home moms. Learn from your constituents and take a moment to find out what they have on their minds. You might be surprised to learn it doesn’t line up with this Congress’ reckless agenda.