Package Stimulates Government Growth, Not Much Else

Posted: Jan 28, 2009 12:06 PM
Today, the House is set to vote on the Democrat's $825-billion dollar "stimulus" package that according to them is primed to immediately jump start the economy. But as we know, there are serious doubts from respected economists about the bill's ability to resuscitate our stagnant economy.

Republicans at the House Ways and Means Committee have done some great work breaking down 1) the percentage of tax cuts and government spending that reaches the economy under the Democrat “stimulus” bill, and 2) the difference in tax relief that American families, workers and businesses would receive from the Democrat and the Republican plans comparatively.

Here's a link to their research that lays out their case perfectly with graphs to match.

I'll close the post with the Committee's "Bottom Line" from their research:

"The nonpartisan CBO confirms that tax cuts get more money into the hands of American families and our economy faster than government spending. The American people know tax cuts are a better way to stimulate the economy than borrowing money from China just to increase federal spending and raise the federal deficit. If the Speaker was interested in answering the President’s call to reach a bipartisan, American solution to this crisis, she would work with Republicans to increase tax relief for every working American—which is what the Republican alternative does."