A Popular Proposal

Posted: Aug 28, 2008 5:07 PM
Editor-in-Chief of Popular Mechanics magazine placed a great op-ed in the October 2008 issue: Why Offshore Drilling Can Bridge Gap to U.S. Energy Future.

“Where would a more sensible energy policy start? Pickens is on the right track with his plan to increase use of natural gas. And McCain's call to allow more offshore drilling would significantly increase production. Alternatives such as wind or solar look better by the day, and, indeed, every major energy plan stresses them. But, it will take decades for the alternative-energy infrastructure to match our needs. We must have those offshore oil and gas reserves to bridge the gap.”

Give it a read by clicking here.

As Republicans in the House have been saying, it's going to take an All-of-the-Above approach to solve this crisis. As we get ready for the Labor Day weekend, a time when Americans usually like to get in one last summer get-away, remember that these high prices we're paying for gasoline (and will soon be paying for heat), could be dramatically lower. If we increase our supply domestically while doing what we can to conserve, the prices will have no where to go but down.