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Detransitioned Teen Sues California Hospital, Doctors for Removing Her Breasts at Age 13

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

A teenager who believed she was "a transgender boy" is suing a California hospital and its clinicians after its doctors performed a double mastectomy, surgically removing both of her breasts, at the young age of 13.


Struggling with anxiety, depression, mood fluctuations, panic attacks, self-harm, defiant behavior, and anger management, among a multitude of issues over the years, 11-year-old Layla Jane was enticed by the lures of transgenderism, whose ideologues falsely promised her "transitioning genders" would be the simple solution to all of her mental health problems. Many of her symptoms were compatible with bipolar disorder, a condition Layla's mother suffers from.

Layla, self-diagnosed as a gender-dysphoric "boy" and influenced by far-left online "research," soon found herself under the "gender-affirming care" of medical professionals who would go on to mutilate her body through chemical and surgical means.

Following a single, 75-minute assessment and without a full-scale psychological evaluation, at age 12, Layla was promptly placed on puberty blockers and pumped full of testosterone, and within six months, Layla's breasts were surgically removed.


Now, seeking to expose the very industry that profited off of inflicting irreversible damage upon an impressional and vulnerable child, Layla's lawyers at the Center for American Liberty have filed a lawsuit against Kaiser Foundation Hospitals; Permanente Medical Group, Inc.; and Dr. Lisa Kristine Taylor, Dr. Winnie Mao Yiu Tong, Dr. Susanne E. Watson, and Dr. Mirna Escalante. 

The complaint argues the team of doctors executed "a damaging, imitation sex-change experiment" on Layla, a little girl enduring "complex mental health co-morbidities, who needed care, attention, and psychotherapy, not cross-sex hormones and mutilating surgery." The defendants assumed that an emotionally troubled kid "knew best" and "figuratively handed her the prescription pad," the complaint continues, concluding that the doctors were not "caring" for Layla; "they were experimenting on her."

By 17 years old, Layla began "detransitioning" and no longer identifies as male. As a result of the so-called transgender "treatment," Layla has endured mutilation to her body, fertility risks, health side effects, and lost opportunities for social and physical development alongside her peers at "key developmental milestones that can never be regained," the complaint alleges.


Read the full June 14 complaint here.

Earlier this week, Center for American Liberty general counsel Mark Trammell discussed Layla's case in a Fox News interview on "America Reports," where he described the fast-tracked timeline leading up to the minor's breast-removal surgery, in which she was "rushed into the operating room under the scalpel," and pointed towards Big Pharma cashing in on a "profitable" target.

"There's a lot of financial profit to be made," Trammell said, "in having these life-changing decisions being made at an early age."

In a statement issued to Fox News, a representative for Kaiser Permanente responded: "When adolescent patients, with parental consent, seek gender-affirming care, the patient’s care team carefully evaluates their treatment options and then a multidisciplinary team of physicians and other experienced professionals are available to provide the patient and their family with information, counseling, and other support. Care decisions always rest with the patient and their parents or guardians and, in every case, we respect the right of patients and their families to make informed decisions about their personal health."


Trammell reacted on-air, countering that if Kaiser truly cared for children's well-being, the medical giant wouldn't be concealing less invasive treatment alternatives, counseling options, and scientific research that would dissuade patients from transitioning.

"So when they're telling parents and they're telling young people, 'You really have no choice. Suicide is inevitable.' It's not true," Trammell declared during the sitdown conversation Monday afternoon. "If we're talking about informed consent," he continued, "You have to give the patient all of the information so that they can make a well-informed decision before going into this [...] We don't allow children to get behind the wheel of a car. We don't allow them to buy a cigarette. We don't allow them to sign a check. But yet we have doctors at Kaiser who are giving them a prescription pad to amputate parts of their body. That has to stop."

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