Biden Pleads for Union Support in November

Posted: Apr 20, 2010 3:12 AM
Vice President Joe Biden on Monday told union members to rally support for Democrats in the coming midterm elections, saying "we cannot be down on our prospects."  Biden, like Sen. Barbara Boxer, must be feeling a bit nervous about Democrats' chances this November, but is likely confident their usual union backers will be out doing the Dems' bidding. 

The vice president told attendees at the AFL-CIO's Building and Construction Trades Department conference not to give up on the Democrats this fall: "We cannot, we cannot, we cannot be down on our prospects this November," he said.  "You know, Samuel Clemens once said, ‘Reports of my death are premature.’ Well, reports of our demise are premature. We still need you.”

Union leaders have Dems over an electoral barrel right now, saying it will be difficult to motivate their members to support the party's candidates if the White House and congressional Democrats don't push the union's policy agenda.  Biden told the crowd that the Obama administration is working hard to revitalize the labor movement, which has seen its membership decline over the past several decades.

“We are absolutely determined to change the equation. Absolutely determined that labor comes back. Absolutely determined that over the period of this time that we create good, serious jobs from which you can build a family and build a nation,” Biden said.

The vice president stressed that if the administration is to rebuild America’s middle class, it needs the backing of labor. “When labor loses, the middle class in this country loses. When you lose, America loses,” he said.  “The reason that there is a middle class in America is because of unions.”

What a statement.  On the contrary, I'd say unions are one of the main reasons why middle class jobs are leaving America at alarming rates.  To unions, I'd say feel free to support Democrats in the upcoming election; I have the feeling you are both on your way out the door. 
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