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As I've reported, the Democrats' Illinois Lt. Governor primary winner, Scott Lee Cohen, has a LOT of baggage--including an arrest for domestic violence against a live-in prostitute girlfriend.  And now, after what must have been some serious arm twisting on the Left, Cohen has announced he is withdrawing from the general election race. 

Cohen would've been running on the ticket with Dem. Gov. Pat Quinn who reportedly has been trying to convince Cohen to drop his bid since his primary election win was announced last Tuesday.  Despite Quinn's insistence, Cohen had said he would not drop out, which now makes us wonder: What changed his mind?

Politico reports Cohen announced his decision this evening at a Chicago bar while people were watching the Super Bowl.  According to the Associated Press, Cohen said "Democrats were not certain they could win with him on the ticket."
"For the good of the people of the state of Illinois and the Democratic Party, I will resign," a clearly emotional Cohen said in a rambling remarks made as the Super Bowl halftime entertainment blared in the background.
Just a fun bit of irony--it was the people of Illinois and Democratic Party who chose this guy to run in the general election and now he's dropping out for their benefit?  Seriously, you couldn't make this stuff up... just another day in Illinois politics.

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