What's Wrong With This Picture? Everything.

Posted: Dec 09, 2009 12:36 PM
During his "jobs summit," President Obama proclaimed the following:
Despite the progress we’ve made, many businesses are still skittish about hiring. Some are still digging themselves out of the losses they incurred over the past year. Many have figured out how to squeeze more productivity out of fewer workers. And that cost-cutting has become embedded in their operations and in their culture. That may result in good profits, but it’s not translating into hiring and so that’s the question that we have to ask ourselves today: How do we get businesses to start hiring again?
This small portion of a speech sums up Obama's philosophy on what America's businesses mean to the country: nothing.  Well, I guess I shouldn't say nothing.  But apparently Obama thinks businesses exist just so they can give people jobs.  How dare they increase productivity and profits! 

What Obama fails to understand (or understands, but ignores) is that the America we have today was built on free-market foundations and business' evil quests for profits have established the most comfortable standard of living ever known.  I guess he might be more familiar with this concept if more than only 8% of his cabinet ever worked in the private sector.  I know his union friends don't understand this concept either: who cares if productivity is up, the number of workers paying union dues is down!  Fewer workers should mean more benefits written into my labor contract!

They might not understand the free market and America's amazing legacy of success,  but the rest of America does.  For us, it's just common sense: Businesses DO NOT exist to provide people with jobs; and when they flourish, we are ALL better off.
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