ObamaCare Support Plunges to New Low

Posted: Nov 23, 2009 12:23 PM
Just days after the Senate voted to open the debate on Obama's health care overhaul plan, public support for the president's plan has taken a dive to its lowest level.  According to the latest poll from Rasmussen, only 38% of likely voters support the presidents plan, compared to 56% who oppose the measure. 
Half the survey was conducted before the Senate voted late Saturday to begin debate on its version of the legislation. Support for the plan was slightly lower in the half of the survey conducted after the Senate vote.

Prior to this, support for the plan had never fallen below 41%. Last week, support for the plan was at 47%. Two weeks ago, the effort was supported by 45% of voters.

Ed Morrissey also points out that the spread of opposition vs. support has drastically changed in recent weeks:

The spread against ObamaCare jumped significantly in the last week, as Harry Reid prepared his version for the Senate. It went from -2%, within the margin of error, to -18%, the largest gap between supporters and opponents.  The previous high had been 15 points at the end of September, with opposition peaked at the current 56%.  The new gap suggests that more core supporters have begun to fall by the wayside.

The big takeaway from the internals is, as always, independent voters.  They are looking a lot more like Republicans on this issue.  Where Republican voters oppose ObamaCare 83/13, independents aren’t far behind at 70/23.  Self-described moderates have fled as well, opposing ObamaCare by almost exactly the overall topline, 55/39.