No Olympics for Chicago: Blame Bush!

Posted: Oct 03, 2009 1:42 PM
Senator Roland Burris, the Democrat picked to fill President Barack Obama's vacant Illinois senate seat, blames George W. Bush for Chicago not getting the Olympic bid for the 2016 Games:
Burris stated in an interview, shortly after the announcement, that the image of the U. S. has been so tarnished in the last 8 years that, even Barack Obama making an unprecedented pitch for the games could not overcome the hatred the world has for us as a result of George Bush. ...Burris even went on to say that this is just another way Bush is now hurting Chicago. 
I'd like to say that I wish I could be surprised by such an idiotic statement, but since EVERYTHING is blamed on Bush these days, this doesn't come as a shocker. 

I guess Burris forgot that the city of Chicago was announced as a finalist for the 2016 Games in 2008, during Bush's presidency.