Jackson Lee Suggests Town Hall Footage Was "Doctored"

Posted: Aug 14, 2009 2:04 PM
On Thursday, CNN anchor Rick Sanchez interviewed Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee--the congresswoman who spoke on her cell phone in the middle of a town hall meeting with constituents--and asked her the question we're all wondering: What were you thinking?!  Jackson Lee's answer was baffling:
SANCHEZ: Here you have people who have come to hear you speak. They are asking you a question, and it appears on the video like you're not giving them their due. How do you explain that?

JACKSON-LEE: I'm so glad you said it. It appears on the video. Maybe it's a doctored video.
A 'doctored video,' congresswoman?  Seriously?  Sanchez then pressed Jackson lee on her claim of the video being doctored asking, “Do you think the video was doctored? Do you think the video may have been doctored?”  Jackson Lee's response was... er... interesting...?
JACKSON-LEE: Let me say this- we who are members of congress who believe in democracy are not going to focus on distractions. We're really going to focus on giving the people the opportunity to express themselves in any way they desire-

SANCHEZ: Well- well, look at it. I mean- let’s- I’ll tell you what- let’s play it and you tell us if this is you or not you and if we’ve made a mistake by showing video- that may have been doctored- is there anything about this video that isn't reflective of what happened?

JACKSON-LEE: I know nothing about the video- I know nothing about the video, Rick, and I’m not going to comment on it.
So apparently she will not even admit she was using the phone, even though we all have video of her talking on it while a constituent tried to ask her a question.  In addition, she's calling the attention her blatant rudeness has gotten her as "distractions."  She is obviously not apologetic for the way she treated her constituents.

It's funny--she talks about focusing on "giving people the opportunity to express themselves in any way they desire."  What's the point for your constituents to express themselves when their questions and complaints fall on deaf ears, or ears preoccupied with an incoming call?