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'Do You Have a Cold?' How the Trump Campaign Wrecked Biden's Rapid Response Director

AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura

When your boss has the night that Joe Biden had on June 27, it’s best to lie low. There was nothing you could do to make it seem less than what it was, which was a complete and total drubbing. Former President Donald Trump dominated Biden, beating the president by 30-plus points in the post-debate survey. Biden garbled incoherent half-thoughts regarding his record, attacks, and vision of the future, which is why three-fourths of the country thinks he’s too old to be president. It was a total trainwreck, made worse by Biden’s rapid response team.


They tried to play the ‘Trump is tired also’ card, which blew up in their faces. When roughly 75 percent of the country thinks you’re mentally cooked, the go-to move would be to blitz the media, show vigor, and try to rub off some of the rust from that abysmal debate, and the media noticed. Unable to see the iceberg ahead, Biden’s team tweeted, “Trump has appeared at ZERO public events since the debate.” 

It got fact-checked on Twitter, and the Trump campaign had fun dragging this clown show operation. Trump has done multiple unscripted interviews since the debate. In contrast, Biden claimed he was a black woman during a Philadelphia radio interview while also not reassuring any skeptical Democrat with his equally rough sit-down with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.


The Democrats desperately want to play the ‘Trump is old, too’ narrative, but it’ll never work because the former president is sharper than Biden. It’s just a fact. As Bill Maher observed, Trump is Kiss. He may be a senior citizen, but if he puts the wig and makeup on, he sounds like he did back in the 1970s. Any questions relating to Trump’s mental health were always liberal media echo chamber falsehoods that never stuck and were easily dismissed by voters. The former president has done well maintaining discipline, allowing a wide berth for Democrats to shipwreck themselves without his input. It’s also a behavior that Democrats and Biden staffers were unprepared for, thinking the former president would become unglued. That’s not the case. If anything, Biden looks unhinged, angry, and volatile, with a first lady adding to said instability


They don’t know what to do:


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