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What the hell is going on with the Pennsylvania State University’s faculty? The Jerry Sandusky scandal, where the former assistant football coach was convicted of sexually abusing boys over 15 years, was enough scandal to last a lifetime for the institution. This chemical engineering professor was caught in the Pennsylvania woods performing sex acts on a dog. To make this even more horrific, he tried to record the actions on a tablet, chalking up the lewd activity as just “blowing off steam.”


This act of sexual aberration wasn’t a one-off incident either. This instructor has been on Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (PCNR) radar since April. After further review, these sex acts with animals allegedly go back as far as 2014  (via Fox43): 

A Pennsylvania man is facing charges after he was allegedly caught exposing himself and performing lewd acts with a dog at Rothrock State Forest in Huntingdon County, according a ranger with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Themis Matsoukas, 64, of State College, was charged Monday with open lewdness, indecent exposure, sexual intercourse with an animal, cruelty to animals, and disorderly conduct following an investigation by DCNR Ranger Timothy Smith.

DCNR began investigating in April, when a trail camera intended to monitor suspected thefts from a restroom in the Rothrock State Forest parking lot captured images of an unknown man, later identified as Matsoukas, engaging in lewd acts in and around the parking lot and restroom, the charging documents state. 

The alleged acts included indecent exposure, masturbation, and sexual contact with a dog, according to investigators. 

Matsoukas is seen on video allegedly attempting to record himself performing the acts on an electronic tablet, according to investigators. 

The parking lot camera captured Matsoukas performing similar acts in May, charging documents state.   

The Alan Seeger Parking Area, where the alleged acts are said to have occurred, is within viewing distance of Stone Creek Road, a state forest road frequently used by vistors to access a nearby picnic area, leased campgrounds, Penn Roosevelt State Park, and the Greenwood Fire Tower, according to DCNR. 

After the second alleged incident in May, investigators were able to identify Matsoukas by tracking down the vehicle he was seen in, a Subaru Outback. Investigators matched his DMV license photo with photos from the other trail cameras, the DCNR claims. 


After identifying him, the walls began to close in on Professor Matsoukas. When they executed a search warrant on his home and vehicle, he begged the rangers to kill him after becoming “visibly nervous.” The items authorities were looking for were the ones he was wearing when captured on the trail cam: 

When investigators told him they believed he knew why they were there, Matsoukas allegedly became panicked, repeatedly stating "I'm done, I'm dead," investigators claim. 

He allegedly begged the rangers to shoot him at one point, saying "I need to die," the charging documents state. 

This story is just gross. Who could do that to their dog?



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