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Executive Office of the Governor, State of Florida

This event was a long time coming, but with Donald Trump starting to solidify a solid lead for the 2024 Republican nomination—it’s go-time for the DeSantis camp. Trump’s rise in the polls is not because of anything positive, grounded through earned media from legal actions and CNN’s town hall event. GOP voters rightfully see the insane lawsuits filed against him, including the politicized Manhattan district attorney’s porn payment case against Trump, as a political witch hunt. It’s buoyed the former president’s numbers to a point where the timeline for DeSantis had to be accelerated if he had a shot at claiming the Republican Party crown. The Florida governor smartly skipped the exploratory committee, leaning on his staunchly conservative record, which secured him a landslide re-election win, to launch his 2024 bid. 


His wife, Casey, tweeted a short video that was the perfect preview of tonight's big event, which will be hosted on Twitter with Elon Musk. It’s Ron DeSantis buttoning his suit jacket and heading out onto a stage. While it would be entertaining that he’d be announcing the death of Disney, we all know what’s happening. Using Twitter is a different kind of rollout, but I’m excited about it:

The two camps will be fixing bayonets, and it’s bound to get ugly. But I hope not to the point where a reconciliation can’t be made once a winner is declared. There are loudmouths on opposite ends of this river that have the potential to create an atmosphere where no chance of reuniting is possible, and that’s fatal for when we need to take on Joe Biden as a unified party. I can vote for either of these men. Anyone is better than Joe Biden, but it’s not great that our frontrunner will be dealing with a highly publicized trial when the thick of the 2024 season is about to kick off. It doesn’t bode well trying to smooth over voters that Trump needs to win, voters who still view him as too much of a loose cannon. In three successive election cycles, there’s been a bloc capable of blocking him from another stint in the White House. DeSantis is a good alternative on paper; if he fails, he fails.   


The debates will be the ultimate test regarding whether he can soak up the attacks Trump will hurl at him and if he can dish out some haymakers himself. It’s a binary choice: Trump or DeSantis. Everyone else is just wasting their time.  

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