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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Early this morning, Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, intentionally crashed into security barricades near the White House. He was driving a U-Haul, which was not rigged with explosives—thank God—but it did have something that liberals found even more sinister: a Nazi flag. Spread out on the sidewalk for all the media to see, the narrative’s pieces of white supremacists gone wild were being drafted until Mr. Kandula of Chesterfield, Missouri, was identified. Sorry, liberal America, put the pseudointellectual lectures about how white people are evil away. It was time to move on to other things, though quite an odd reaction to a story where a man tried to kidnap the president of the United States. 


At the time, we didn’t know the motive. Now, we do: Kandula wanted to remove Biden and take over the government. It’s not the Babylon Bee or satire. That’s what this person wanted to do, so the Left’s hope of a narrative shift before a series of economic reports that are likely damning to the Biden administration has been dashed (via Daily Beast) [emphasis mine]: 

A Missouri teen who allegedly crashed into a security barrier near the White House on Monday night reportedly told cops he was trying to kill President Joe Biden and seize power of the government.

That man, identified by U.S. Park Police as 19-year-old Sai Varshith Kandula, now faces charges that include threatening to kill, kidnap, or inflict harm on a president, vice president, or family member.

Unnamed law enforcement sources told ABC News that Kandula said he wanted to seize power from the president, flying to Washington, D.C. from St. Louis to carry out the failed attack. Many details about the incident are unclear, but Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi confirmed Tuesday that the crash appeared to be intentional. 

Authorities say Kandula rammed into security bollards at Lafayette Park—across the street from the White House—using a rented U-Haul box truck. A law enforcement source told CNN that no explosives were found in the but a witness told Reuters that cops dug out a Nazi flag from his truck. (A Reuters photographer captured the flag laid out on the ground next to the truck before it was taken away as evidence.) Fox 5 reported that cops also recovered a backpack, duct tape, and “a notebook with pages full of writing” from the truck


So, we potentially have another manifesto? What are the odds that its contents will be revealed to the public? We’re still awaiting the full manifesto written by the transgender killer who shot and killed six people at a private Christian school in Nashville. We’ll see what more comes out of this story, but one thing is for certain: this wasn’t a white nationalist attack. Now, back to the slew of stories highlighting the Biden administration’s gross incompetence and lollygagging on the debt ceiling.   


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