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CNN Host Devastated Over Fox News Settling With Dominion Systems

AP Photo/Ron Harris

Fox News will be spared a public skewering by the liberal media over their lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems. The news organization was about to be yanked into court over their repeated coverage claiming the voting machine company rigged the 2020 election. Dominion filed a $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox News. As Spencer reported, the jury had been selected, and we were about to enter opening arguments when Fox decided to settle for $787 million. Liberal America went apoplectic, hoping this trial could be the beginning of the end for the network. 


CNN reporters were especially irked by the lack of a court trial. Jake Tapper even went on to accuse Fox News of not being a journalistic enterprise and one that only goes after ratings. That’s rich coming from a liberal news outlet that had settled a lawsuit against them by Nick Sandmann in 2020. Fox News responded to Tapper's outburst: "We can’t look at CNN’s awful ratings without laughing, and we’re sure Warner Bros. Discovery shareholders feel the same way.”


CNN had erroneously labeled him a racist stemming from an incident between Covington High School students and activists in 2019. The other CNN host to whine about the settlement was Alisyn Camerota, who claimed that this latest development was a win for Fox News (via Daily Caller):

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota lamented Fox News’ legal settlement with Dominion Voting Systems just minutes before the defamation trial was set to begin Tuesday. 


Camerota, a former Fox News employee, said the network benefitted from this settlement. 

“I predicted there would be a settlement all along, because Fox doesn’t want to air its dirty laundry in a court case. And forgive me, I don’t share quite — Ellie’s being impressed at the outcome. This is half of what Dominion asked for, let’s remember. Yes, it’s obviously it’s a big windfall for Dominion. It’s chump change for Fox. They make more than $1 billion a year, their news division. So this is, I think, this is a victory for Fox. They don’t have to put their big stars on the stand and they didn’t even have to issue a public apology,” she said.


Cry more, CNN. And now, back to the economic recession and overall gross incompetence that is the Biden administration. 

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