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North Carolina Dems Remain Engulfed in Labor Dispute With Its Field Staff

AP Photo/John Minchillo

Democrats are getting terrible news daily less than a week from Election Day. House districts that went for Biden by 20 points are now competitive. Suburban white women have drifted away from Democrats by a 26-point margin. Twenty-one percent of Black Americans intend to back Republicans this November. It’s no longer a red wave—it’s a red tsunami. We also remain in the throes of high inflation and an economic recession, so the major labor dispute in North Carolina probably fell by the wayside.


North Carolina Democratic Party field staffers, who are unionized, could go on strike after their recent contract did not satisfy their concerns over pay, health care, and safety. As of Friday, the two sides remained miles apart. North Carolina hasn’t been on the radar much, certainly not in the same fashion as Arizona, Georgia, or Pennsylvania’s Senate races. 

Republican Congressman Ted Budd is looking to succeed Republican Sen. Richard Burr, who decided not to run for a fourth term.  His Democratic opponent Cheri Beasley, the former chief justice for the state supreme court, is not a terrible candidate either. Still, Democrats probably don’t win this seat which explains the dearth of coverage. It’s a gut punch for liberals, who certainly enjoyed the soft swing state status of the Tar Heel state. But that was under Obama, and while the state should be considered pure swing territory due to Democratic and Republican voter registrations being virtually evenly split, along with the locations of the two parties' voter bastions, Democrats have let this state slip away. Ohio and Iowa are also in the same boat.


Regardless of Democratic hopes dwindling, voter turnout operations are essential, and field staffers are on the front lines of that effort. If these staffers strike, it could be a nightmare for North Carolina Democrats. Then again, since no one expects Beasley to win, they could be good soldiers, do their jobs, and then circle back to their contract dispute after Election Day. I doubt that happens, but it's not the only labor dispute facing Democrats: railway workers have vowed not to strike before Election Day to prevent embarrassing Joe Biden. 

The rank-and-file of the two largest rail worker unions have rejected a new agreement with the rail companies, which could torpedo the economy. Commuter transportation could cease entirely, and around 30 percent of the nation’s freight would remain idle, costing us $2 billion daily. 


That won’t happen with field staffers, but at the national and state level, we have the Democrats, the party of labor unions, screwing over their people.

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