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As we’ve noted ad nauseum here, political analyst Charlie Cook warned Democrats they can’t count on any more good news breaking their way. Cook was probably generous since there was zero news Democrats could cling to in avoiding an election night disaster this year. While the abortion hysterics did raise some eyebrows among Republican operatives, it peaked by late August. Most voters probably have forgotten that Democrats passed a spending bill that month. Could it be because inflation continues to plague American families? Everyone is feeling the pinch, but Democrats have waited until now to address those economic concerns marred by internal drama. There’s a debate over whether to address inflation headlong, which could validate GOP campaign narratives. The other option is to explain why Democrats aren’t to blame for the economic misery, but that’s a guaranteed way to lose the election.


In North Carolina, a U.S. Senate race that has been quiet could now be thrust into the spotlight because of labor union theatrics. Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) choose wisely not to run for re-election. Republican Congressman Ted Budd and Democrat Cheri Beasley, the former chief justice for the state supreme court, are duking it out over the vacancy. Beasley could be without much of a ground game operation or at least a much-degraded one since field staffers are threatening to strike weeks before Election Day. They demanded a new contract after their concerns about pay, safety, and healthcare were inadequately addressed.

“This campaign cannot run without us. We deserve a fair contract,” they declared:


It’s a nightmare political climate for Democrats nationally, given Joe Biden’s abysmal approval ratings, the economic recession, rising crime, and 40-year high inflation numbers. However, some of these local stories are just death blows. Field staffers not working on Election Day is a monumental problem now facing Democrats in North Carolina, and it’s over a labor dispute.

It’s par for the course since Joe Biden declared victory too soon during a railway dispute last September. The threat of that economic catastrophe is back as the rank-and-file of some of the nation’s largest railway workers’ unions also rejected a new deal. Democrats can’t do much of anything right, which is why they’re heading for defeat next month.  



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