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Oregon State Police via AP

The Tesla is a revolutionary and savvy vehicle created by Elon Musk. Its features are fascinating, and it has a solid range for battery-driven cars. The body of the vehicle isn’t heinously designed either. I still prefer good old-fashioned electric cars. 


Also, overall electric cars aren’t all that green. Electronic waste is an underreported issue, and what do you think creates the energy at the recharging stations? It’s not wizards—it’s fossil fuels, specifically coal. It’s one of the luxury items coveted by liberal America. California will ban the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035, though they’re also telling their residents with electric cars to avoid charging them to prevent overloading the grid. It’s the seat of irony. The green future the Left is waterboarding us to accept is quite dystopian and dark, as they can’t keep the lights on. Does our cleaner future look like a Venezuelan rolling blackout because it’s shaping to be that way?

Fossil fuels being the recharged fuel for electric vehicles is a dirty secret, but another deadly peculiarity exists. They’re more deadly on the roads. The batteries that give these cars the 300 or so mile range before recharge are understandably massive and quite heavy, adding a fatality factor should a crash occur. It’s something that regulators glossed over during the research and development stages. When you increase the weight of these vehicles due to the battery traveling at highway speed, how do you think things will end if there’s a crash? Rotational inertia spells death in so many ways with this situation (via TechDirt):


The United States is already a global leader in traffic-related fatalities, with a thirty-percent jump in the last decade. That’s in contrast to every other developed country, which saw a decline.

With that as backdrop, there’s some growing concerns about not just the safety of undercooked autonomous driving, but the extreme weight of larger electric vehicles. The electric Ford Lightning, for example, is a whopping 6,500 pounds. The Hummer EV is even heavier, clocking in at 9,000 pounds. It’s battery alone weighs more than a Honda Civic.


Neither regulators nor automakers seem particularly keyed into this looming problem. All of the power and acceleration are little more than marketing points to move electric vehicles off the lot, and there doesn’t seem widespread safety considerations being integrated in vehicle design.


these vehicles are (for now) luxury items, and their owners will think nothing about paying a bit more money. There’s also the risk of an arms race as soccer moms and dads also migrate to comically large EVs just to ensure their own safety. They too won’t really care about paying a bit more money to keep junior safe, so it’s not clear if such a proposal would genuinely protect public safety in practice.

Just for reference, kids are already eight times more likely to be killed in crashes involving SUVs and pickups than regular cars, and SUVs and pickups account for 38 percent of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities.

So everybody rushes toward bigger and heavier EVs, ensuring that the massive amount of rare metals and materials are used for the biggest batteries possible, undermining the underpinning efficiencies of the transition to EVs, while also boosting already high U.S traffic fatalities? Good times.


So, these cars, like any vehicle on the road, are potential coffins, though the added weight increases the odds of a messy end for oneself and their family. The green warriors are obsessed with population control. Maybe this is a backdoor way to kill off a few thousand people without lining them up against the wall to be shot. 

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