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Pull Up a Seat: Bill Maher and Aaron Rodgers Absolutely Torch Nonsensical COVID Protocols

AP Photo/HBO, Janet Van Ham

Comedian Bill Maher had NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers as a guest on his podcast, Club Random. The two discussed the nonsensical histrionics that erupted over the coronavirus and the contradictory and frequently mystifying protocols the so-called experts drafted to curb its spread. Maher has been one of the few liberals to say that there should be questions asked about the lab from Wuhan, that the masses digested inaccurate information about the virus, and that liberals were no better in the misinformation game on this front. Liberal America did take a moral superiority complex with COVID, wearing nine masks, staying home, and getting vaccinated. They mocked those who died from the virus and stigmatized those who contracted it. That all ended when Omicron spread like a brushfire. What the two agreed on is that pretty much every narrative that pushed back on the fascistic medical regime we allowed to dominate our lives that was flagged as tin foil hat conspiracy theories turned out to be true (via Daily Caller):


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told Bill Maher on the Club Random Podcast on Sunday that nearly “every conspiracy” related to the coronavirus came true.


“This is all just, this is ideology, this is not medicine, this is indoctrination, and to me the frightening thing was never the disease itself. The frightening thing was how much you could get people, so quickly, to change their way of life. Stay home, wear a mask, you know,” Maher said.

Rodgers then chimed in noting that although he was initially “altruistic” about two weeks to slow the spread, “just about, well, every conspiracy theory came true” later on. “Vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and it turned into like away from doing your job to stop the spread to like lockdowns,” the football star added.

In October of 2021, Maher also mentioned on his show Real Time on HBO that natural immunity for those who have survived the virus should be discussed. He also said it was time to get back to normal, whether wearing a mask or getting the vaccine—it’s up to you. But you also need to pick one or the other. 

Rodgers, the future half-of-fame quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, was a top target for the liberal media during the 2021 season regarding the vaccine mandates. Rodgers said he was immunized against the pathogen, only to test positive later in the season. We know now that the vaccinated can still contract the virus, though it landed Rodgers in hot water as to whether he lied about his vaccination status. The communication mix-up was explained when Rodgers explained he’s allergic to one of the ingredients in the mRNA vaccine manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna. Some sportswriters said this little scandal should exclude him from the NFL’s MVP contest. He ended up being the 2021 NFL MVP, leading the Packers to an NFL record three consecutive seasons with 13 wins or more. 


Luckily, COVID is over, and normal people aren’t living in abject fear. 

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