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AP Photo/Nathan Howard, File

If there’s a single rule to follow, it’s this—don’t join Democrats. Unless it’s a declaration of war in the aftermath of a Pearl Harbor-like attack on our troops, it’s not worth it. That goes double when it comes to Donald Trump’s impeachment. If there was one issue that was radioactive for Republicans, it was supporting this effort by Democrats to remove a duly elected president because they didn’t like how the 2016 election played out. Luckily, less than a dozen joined this bandwagon, but these people have to go, and the primary challenges began to pour in across the country.  


Ten House Republicans opted to join this diabolical crusade executed by congressional Democrats that ended up being the death knell for their public careers. There’s been a near-total purge of the pro-Trump House Republican wing. Nearly half opted not to run for re-election. Three have been defeated in primary challenges.

In Washington State, Rep. David Newhouse (R-WA) barely survived, only being able to move on to the general election because six conservative candidates split the vote. Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler (R-WA), however, was not so lucky (via KGW8):

Republican challenger Joe Kent has overtaken incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler following Monday night's ballot count update in the race for Washington's 3rd Congressional District, likely ousting the six-term GOP congresswoman in the primary election.

As of Monday night, Kent had 22.8% of the vote and Herrera Beutler has 22.3%, a gap of 960 votes. Herrera Beutler held a narrow lead going into Monday, and her lead increased slightly when Cowlitz County updated its results at about 3 p.m., but then disappeared when Clark County updated just after 5 p.m.

In Washington's primary system, all candidates compete in a single race and the top two finishers, regardless of party, advance to a runoff in the general election. If his new lead holds, Kent will take second place and advance along with Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez.


America First Republican Joe Kent, a Gold Star widower, and U.S. Army Special Forces veteran, decided to challenge Beutler. It was not an easy climb, but Kent took the lead on Monday and knocked Beutler out of the running for another term. In Washington, they have a top-two primary system wherein the two top vote-getters, regardless of party, move to the next round. Given the district and Trump’s endorsement, Kent has all but won the seat, barring any damning mishaps between now and Election Day. 


Given the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago last evening, Trump’s endorsement carries more weight for a GOP base that should be hyper-energized now that the DOJ’s goon squad was deployed to go after a top political opponent of the Democratic Party. 


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