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A double-bout of COVID never happened to Donald Trump. Joe Biden has caught the virus again. Did he lie about the initial negative test on day seven? Who knows? It’s a legitimate question. He took Paxlovid to manage symptoms, but COVID isn’t dead after seven days. It will keep replicating for ten days. This isn’t new. If he felt fine on day eight and stopped taking the antiviral, then no doubt a positive test would show up. The most crucial point is that Biden was probably still infected with the virus. He left quarantine too early. He met with business leaders this week ahead of the news that we’ve entered a recession, and he was still infected. What a reckless and selfish old man who might have exposed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen this week (via Politico):


Biden’s doctor was very clear in his note to reporters Wednesday: “He will wear a well-fitting mask for 10 full days any time he is around others.”

That matches CDC guidance for people who are ending their isolation after a bout with Covid-19: “You should continue to wear a well-fitting mask around others at home and in public for 5 additional days (day 6 through day 10) after the end of your 5-day isolation period.”

But Biden was not wearing a mask today [July 28] while participating in a roundtable on the economy, despite sitting near Treasury Secretary JANET YELLEN. It is the latest instance of both the president and the vice president not following the CDC Covid guidance despite asking Americans to. Bloomberg’s JOSH WINGROVE has more with the headline: “Biden Ditches Mask at Meeting, Deviating From CDC Covid Guidance.”

A White House official argued that “we have ensured that there is sufficient distance between him and others to allow him to safely remove his mask.” When we noted that’s not what the CDC guidance says or what Dr. O’Connor said he’d do, the official declined to comment further.

To make matters worse, he reportedly has not been abiding by CDC guidelines which is the Holy Bible for liberals during this pandemic. Whatever the CDC and Anthony Fauci say is gospel. Not following it makes you a white nationalist, a Trump supporter, anti-science, and a terrible human being in the eyes of the Left. How long did the COVID stigma last? So, when I read that Biden has been maskless this entire time, I don’t want to hear anything about “doing our part” or “we’re in this together” regarding COVID. The grand Democratic marathon in expanding government power over a virus with a 99-plus percent survival rate is over.


Now, I will take my foot off the Left’s throat for a second. A part of me is okay with Biden not following the guidelines since they were science fiction anyway. Masks don’t work. Vaccines and therapeutics have worked to keep hospitalizations down and better manage symptoms. We are better prepared. Besides the political angle, that’s one of the reasons why the lockdowns are not coming back, even though Fauci lusts for their re-establishment. Then again, how many times did Biden and company raise those CDC protocols as the word of God? The spectacle of hypocrisy would be a brutally explicit event for Democrats when the pandemic’s intensity subsided; we all saw that coming. So, we must remind the Left that these are their rules and the stigma over this virus was their creation.

The cherry on top of this fiasco would be for Biden to do another COVID vaccine plug to show American voters more about the detachment from reality that has engulfed this administration.

Biden couldn’t even handle his COVID treatment without tripping over himself. Can he run a country? I don’t think so. This viral disaster feels like reason number 5,000 for why he cannot be president.

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