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Stefani Reynolds/Pool via AP

So, is it real now, guys? The left has regarded the baby formula shortage crisis as a Fox News invention. It's not a real problem in the minds of liberal America who are nestled in their coastal and urban strongholds. That's not shocking coming from the camp that despises motherhood and raising families. But for one Biden cabinet secretary, the crisis has hit close to home. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg admitted he couldn't find baby formula for his twin kids. Buttigieg took paternity leave while the nation became engulfed in a supply chain crisis (via NY Post): 


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has admitted having to take desperate steps to find baby formula for his own baby twins because of the supply crisis that is being blamed on his own administration.

“This is very personal for us,” the 40-year-old senior government official told CBS News’ “Face The Nation” Sunday, referring to how the formula shortage was a struggle for him and his husband, Chasten Buttigieg.

“We’ve got two 9-month-old children,” he said of twins Penelope Rose and Joseph August, whose birth created a political firestorm when he took extended paternity leave despite the crippling supply-chain crisis.

“Baby formula is a very big part of our lives. And like millions of Americans, we’ve been rooting around stores, checking online, getting in touch with relatives in other places where they don’t have the same shortages to see what they can send over,” he said.

Well, Petey, I don't know what to tell you. Your boss is incompetent. He has oatmeal for brains. While he could have devoted the last six months trying to figure out how he'll solve the myriad domestic fiascos engulfing the country, he decided to waste that on coming up with a snarky swipe at the GOP. He spent six months coming up with "Ultra MAGA," which is not a pejorative term. He failed once again at a simple task because it's a badass name that we've all adopted with pride. If being "Ultra MAGA" means being diametrically opposed to everything Joe stands for and has done, then count me as a proud member. Simply put, being "Ultra MAGA" means you don't want someone with dementia running the country. 


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